Thanksgiving, A Time For Family & Gratefulness

It seems like where did the year go?  I feel like I really need to gather my thoughts, how about you?

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Our church group,  has been putting together their lovely crafts and baking also, so on one hand it feels like Christmas too. The swirl of the Christmas pictures of each item for sale, as it whips by my phone screen,on auto pilot.  Lots of great ideas for Christmas gifts, that is for sure.

Also dreaming of that time we can just sit back and have a good ol’ family day….with the big extended family, that is, on Thanksgiving day. Whichever side it will be this year. My husbands or mine. 🙂

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Lots of good laughs and fun times. Great food and fellowship. This time though, my dad will not be in the midst of us all. He passed away, last March, with all of his children around him, at home. He was so blessed in the midst of all his earthly trails. A big and boisterous family, full of love and crazy fun. The gatherings when we get all together are unreal. He was the one egging us on and greeting each one of us, down to the youngest, newborn baby. He loved life and family. He will be missed as we gather around the tables, for so much to give thanks for. He sure taught us well. My mother is coming around, she sure lost weight and almost seemed to have lost her voice with it. She finally is starting to talk and come back to us. I cannot imagine how hard it was for her, after 60+ years of marriage, to see your spouse struggling with life, in different ways. Then in a blink of an eye, gone to his heavenly home. I pray we all can have that heavenly home that waits for us, that peaceful shore.

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Thanksgiving will be a a great time…just will be missing my two lovely boys; Loren in the marines and Ben who is living in the south, having a good time with mufflers and those guy kind of things, with cars. :0

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I am so thankful for all the good times I have with my kiddos. Here are a few of the fun ones..even with my granddaughters. 🙂 First one is Callie, with Nana & teacher, Me and Kaiti, Kimmie she was having a good time on the horse and having Nana watch her!

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Grandma Flo couldn’t figure out the fish lips but laughed at the selfies! Kara & Maddie then Papa and Callie trying to copy each other. 😉 These are a few of all fun times!

What do you do for the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you celebrate it? If so, with who? What do you have to be grateful for during these special times?

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving week and take time to relax, enjoy!

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Minnesota Sue

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