Cleaning with Thieves® Essential Oil Blend


 Hello Everyone, MnSue here with Young Living’s essential oil blend called “Thieves®”. I find it kind of fun to look at my hand cleanser and see, Thieves® on the bottle.  Yah, whatever you do, don’t run off with my hand cleanser as I love the smell of it and what all it can do for […]

Thieves oil and oral mouth care!


Hello, MnSue again at this working diligently through the day! How are you? I sure hope healthy and happy! I am going to chat about my love with the Thieves® Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste and Thieves® Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash! I am very impressed with the testimonies coming out with these products. I love it and […]

The Basics of Essential Oils


Hello MnSue here again!! It seems like we cannot get enough of snow here in Minnesota! 🙂 It has been snowing those big light fluffy flakes!Back to the subject here, the basics.What I am trying to tell you, is to keep it simple and basic.I have noticed on all these health issues we seem to […]