Bathing with essential oils (Young Living)

Hello, MnSue again!

I am really enjoying the oils in our home. For starters, bathing with essential oils is another favorite of mine.

If new to oils and using one for the first time:
I highly recommend trying the oils out on your skin, before starting out, to see how you react before putting them in your bath, just put them on the underside of your arm, wait a few minutes and if you react, then put the  V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex  on it, or some vegtable oil(coconut, olive, sesame or whatever you have on hand) and rub it in, it will stop the sensitivity right away.  I would wait on using this oil that you react too, and use others instead. Eventually you can try it again and usually be fine.

Also another recommendation is when adding essential oils to your bath, add them with a carrier of some sort (bath salts, epsom salt, bath gel) as the water is running. My favorite way is to add them to epsom salt. You can find this at just about any chain store like Walmart, Target, Cub etc. I take a handful or a 1/4 cup and drop in a drop or two of my favorite oil/oils in Epsom salt and put my hand or cup under the running water to dissolve into the tub. This way the oil does not just rise to the surface and cause a burn on your skin at the water line. You can also increase more drops of oil with your carrier, as you get used to the oils.

I have used whatever oils seem to be what my body is needing or in other words I am attracted too.  Last time I used the    
Purification® along with helichrysum oils in my tub. The time before I used lavender and frankincense. Each oil or oil blend has different uses and I find that they relax me and I feel fantastic afterward. Sometimes one can feel something different, as the body has it’s way of getting rid of junk. Like last night, when I was ready to hop into bed, I realized the tops of my feet were itching like crazy. Enough that I worried I would scratch them raw. I just rubbed on fragrant free, organic lotion on the top and a V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and it soothed it immediately. I am sure something was going on but I didn’t have time to stop and figure it out. 🙂 I was determined to get to my next step in my nightly schedule, my hearing loss and oils….for the next blog! 🙂

P.S. Remember to always drink water throughout the day when using oils, especially after a bath, workouts or massage!

 MnSue, writing in the cold weather wave, here in Minnesota,
 Leaving you in relaxing & warm thoughts with bathing in essential oils!