Cleaning with Thieves® Essential Oil Blend

 Hello Everyone, MnSue here with Young Living’s essential oil blend called “Thieves®”.

I find it kind of fun to look at my hand cleanser and see, Thieves® on the bottle.  Yah, whatever you do, don’t run off with my hand cleanser as I love the smell of it and what all it can do for one, personally for health and also the cleansing ability around the home.

Today, after being gone most of the weekend, Friday and Saturday and majority of Sunday, I felt like the house really needed a cleaning from the ground up! So out came the broom, the vacuum and then the mop & bucket. The Thieves® household cleaner was next! With this cleaner you can wash walls, windows, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and more! The smell is fantastic and so uplifting. So not only do you get the uplifting benefit from the aromatic scent of the cleaner, you also get healthy benefits of what each of the essential oils do that are in the Thieves® (clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and Eucalyptus radiata). I will not list them all here but in another blog on the personal health benefits of Thieves® essential oil blend. I feel so much better using these with children in the home, a pet and also a grandbaby who is starting to move around more, at 10 months old!

Thieves® household cleaner made with Young Living essential oils, tells you that the oils are unadulterated, uncut, and free of of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals. The finished product is 100% pure, through quality plants and meticulous preparation and not through ultra-refinement.  The new formula is 100% plant and mineral-bases ingredients. In this cleaner it has vegetable based surfactants that are compliant with Green Seal and EPA Design for Environment(DfE) standards.  I feel with this great product on the market and how many illnesses go around every year, simple preventatives with all natural cleaners makes for a happier and healthier home! (*Information from Young Livings Item #3490 v.4)

I love the idea of  cleaning my home with a product that does not have chemicals that get left on the surfaces of the floors, counters, tubs, windows and more that can harm all of us, in not just immediate illnesses but the long term affects over time.  More and more studies are coming out, that what we eat, breath or touch(through the skin) can be found in our cells, of our bodies. So, in other words, if you cannot put the cleaner on your skin, or it is harmful if eaten why would you clean with it, when your body is in a sense, eating it, through breathing it?

I love the Thieves® spray bottle. It can go with you wherever you go. My favorite use for it is the toilet seat! Spray the seat and the water…two fold purpose! One to clean the seat off, let air dry and then when it hits the water, it freshens the air, when you are done using the toilet, after you flush! This can replace your “Poopourri” for those of you Poopourri fans out there! Furthermore, it cleans the inside of your toilet on a continuous basis when in use, in the bathroom, naturally! 😉

Again, if you find mold spores in your bathroom, I have found if I spray the Thieves® on it….watch out! You will wish all your cleaning jobs were so easy! I can not say enough about the cleaning with Thieves® and how much of a difference it has made in my life but as you can tell by this blog…I love it.  Try it, you just might find a few more uses than I do!

MnSue leaving you with a challange to clean your home
with the esential oil blend called  “Thieves®”
and see and feel the difference like I do!

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