Everyday with Essential Oils

I started using oils years ago when my daughter fell down some stairs and her ankle swelled up and she could hardly bare any weight on this leg.  We had iced it and the swelling would not go down but we ended up putting “panaway” oil on it and the pain and the swelling went away.  A few hours later, it started to swell again, repeated the process and again it went down.  Too me, that was amazing and my daughter was able to walk on that leg with no problems after that.  What an eye opener to me, about the healing process the body can do with something natural.
From this experience we have used the oils in many applications throughout the home. We have many favorites and use them multiple times throughout the day.
Lavender is an easy and great one to have around the house, for it has an all purpose use for it. It is great for laundry, sprinkle (drop or two) on the dryer vent before putting sheets in or other bedding.  This is great for helping me to sleep at night, for calming my thoughts and relaxing me.  You can use a different oil if you wish, another is Joy that smells great too!  I burnt my hand with an over spray of boiling water from my teapot and I dryed my hand and put lavender on the raised red area.  About 10 minutes later the one small red area was burning again, so I put lavender again on it, now you cannot even see the burnt area. 
Another thing I noticed when I have been buying oils for others is the attraction to one oil or another by it’s smell. Right now it is frankincense  (for the past two months)that I love the smell of and seem to gravitate too!  Amazingly when I have looked up the oil, guess what it helps with?  Depression, stress, despair, helps strengthen the vital life force energy, elevates mind and spiritual connection and balances the immune function to name a few.  Wow, I think I needed help in all areas.  Have I noticed a change with this one?  I use more than one oil, so I cannot say 100% but what I can say is the oils have helped me in all the areas above.  I feel terrific!
I have been giving out the raindrop therapy massages with Raindrop Technique® oils.  I have done  about 13 in the last two weeks or so.  I have done one on my grandbaby, she was just amazing. She just loved it.  I am not sure what it is called but one side of her head pulled and leaned over her shoulder.  Too correct this, mom was told to do neck stretches on her but she didn’t like it done.  After the massage,  her head is perfectly straight, even two weeks later! Amazing.  That is why some like to coin the Raindrop Technique® oils “chiropractor in a bottle” and after this massage, in particular, you can see why.  I like the idea of doing the vitaflex along the spine area, on the bottom of the foot, as I love foot massages! To me, they are comforting and relaxing.  Here are two links to the Raindrop Technique® which I started with and have added my own mix of massage into this technique.  These will let you know what to expect from the massages.  I am not a specialist of any sort, right now, so I do not apply the teachings that Susie Beiler does, so I only do the Raindrop Technique® 
There are many tips for doing a great raindrop in those two videos, enjoy them!
 MnSue leaving you with visions of the relaxing Raindrop Technique® are you ready for one?  You can order here and give them to family and friends like I do too! www.youngliving.com/susans