My hearing Loss with Essential Oils (Young Living)

Hello~ MnSue here again!
I have tried in the past to do the oils for hearing loss but the smell got to me so bad I quit after several weeks, about five years ago. I am trying it again and now, for whatever reason, the smells do not bother me. I also am trying another combination of oils too.
I am using Purification® and Wintergreen for my ears.
1) I go in the ear(with a qtip with a 2-3 oil drops  of Purification® and V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex on it too)I do not go in deep, just to the bone and twirl, no further as the oils will go in themselves.
2) Next, I go around the inside of the outer ear curves, not back into the inner ear area.
3) I also go down the neck, starting from the bone down the back of the ear to my shoulder blade in front, all with the same qtip of oil. Three times for each oil.  One qtip per ear, I do not use the same qtip on the other ear or a different oil. 
4) I repeat this same thing for my second oil, wintergreen combined with V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex , after the first oil is done.
Keep in mind, I do this before bed, as the oils will go further back, when laying down on my back for a few minutes before going to sleep. Also, as the oils will plug my hearing aid, I  do not do it during the day, for now. I will try this for three months and see how it works if it changes nothing I am not out anything other than my hearing loss already and then I will increase this for me, to morning and night. Besides, I am not a candidate for any surgeries, according to my doctors, so that is out and this is “in” and too me the best for my situation.  I am confident I will see change of some sort with these fantastic essential oils.  I do not give up. With researching and prayer, all things are possible with God, I just have to trust if it is meant that I get my hearing back, it is God’s will. Will keep you posted on my results, after three months time.
MnSue leaving you in thoughts of the possibilities out there
with essential oils and to the health benefits out there with them!

P.S. Would you like to order these fantastic oils, if so go “hear”
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