My hearing Loss with Essential Oils (Young Living)


Hello~ MnSue here again! I have tried in the past to do the oils for hearing loss but the smell got to me so bad I quit after several weeks, about five years ago. I am trying it again and now, for whatever reason, the smells do not bother me. I also am trying another […]

Bathing with essential oils (Young Living)

Hello, MnSue again! I am really enjoying the oils in our home. For starters, bathing with essential oils is another favorite of mine. If new to oils and using one for the first time:I highly recommend trying the oils out on your skin, before starting out, to see how you react before putting them in […]

Everyday with Essential Oils

I started using oils years ago when my daughter fell down some stairs and her ankle swelled up and she could hardly bare any weight on this leg.  We had iced it and the swelling would not go down but we ended up putting “panaway” oil on it and the pain and the swelling went […]