The Basics of Essential Oils

Hello MnSue here again!!

It seems like we cannot get enough of snow here in Minnesota! 🙂 It has been snowing those big light fluffy flakes!
Back to the subject here, the basics.
What I am trying to tell you, is to keep it simple and basic.
I have noticed on all these health issues we seem to get lost with all the “medical Jargon” of a diagnosis and do not use common sense. We all have been there and get lost in the shuffle of it, including myself! I got upset with myself. Here is an example;

My son was diagnosed with narcolepsy. What this translates simply to, is that he will fall asleep, anytime and anywhere. Dangerous, yes! Scary, yes! What can one do? The doctor prescribed a med that will cost out of pocket of $180 a month, yes a month!! Arghh! I had to think about this, so I asked the pharmacist if there were other options. Not really, he said, other than having the doctor contact your insurance company and let them know this is the only prescription he wants your son on. So, we did. We were denied. Do we want to pay the $180 a month, or the other options I had to start thinking of? One option was another medicine, with way too many side affects not good for anyone! The second one was, natural alternatives.

Don’t you stop and think what could one do with $180 in natural alternatives? I sure did, my antenna went up.
Sue, you are already on a fantastic one, Young Living essential oils.”Research it, girl!” I was telling myself!!

I have this book called, ” Reference Guide for Essential Oils” by Connie and Alan Higley. Updated version April/2010, the 12th version. It has been put together very well.  The book is divided up into different area’s the key ones for me are the raindrop technique, single & blended oils and the personal guide! The personal guide, is my absolute favorite area. This is where you look up so called, “health issues”.

In the personal guide, within this book, you will be given suggested oils or supplements to coincide with the health condition and how to use them. Wow, yes Wow!! It is the basics, which we need to start thinking about. Essential oils have been around for a long time and have been true and tried.

Now you need to think, where do I get this and how do I buy this? Not hard at all, was it? We just need to start thinking for ourselves and what is the best option for the situation. Start healing with the basics! The basics of Essential Oils.

From this book, I have learned what oils can be applied, I researched online what each oil does, after reading from the book, to learn more to help this particular health issue. Would I have done this if I hadn’t been using the oils? Probably not. Thank goodness, we can try something different than the most common practices.

MnSue leaving you with the basics in oils
in a book called, “reference guide for essential oils”


  1. Sue,

    I came across your blog while googling essential oils, what did you discover for your son’s Narcolepsy? I am also a PWN, using the gluten free diet to treat C,but have not found an effective treatment for the EDS and micro sleeps. You can email me at karadcox (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks for the book recommendation, I’m excited to try it!