Thieves oil and oral mouth care!

Hello, MnSue again at this working diligently through the day! How are you? I sure hope healthy and happy!

I am going to chat about my love with the Thieves® Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste and Thieves® Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash!

I am very impressed with the testimonies coming out with these products. I love it and when I have used it and my dentist said their was hardly any plaque on them! I hadn’t even used it very long and boy did I feel like I was a good lil’ girl for doing my work on those teeth.  Now I have added the mouthwash into my water when I use my water pick! One capful is all I add and my mouth feels so fresh and clean!!!

Many customers and distributors are letting us know that their dentist are giving them rave reviews too! Teeth are getting so white, teeth are not aching, gums are not receding and more! All I can say is give it a whirl and try it out for yourself!

To purchase you can go to
and click on the “thieves” tab under “products” tab.

MnSue leaving you thinking about squeeky clean teeth!