Burning Paper Cut on Finger, cut disappeared with Lavender!

Hello MnSue here! Yes, again! You just cannot get away from me and those fantastic Young Living oils!

This morning I woke up with no cut on my pinky finger! Yes! Can you tell I am excited? Yesterday I was shuffling a bunch of papers into a pile and felt the cut go through the pinky finger. I ignored it until it started turning red on me last night and really bothering me! So right before bed, I put lavender oil on it, went to bed and woke up…gone, no sign, what so ever of this cut along the bend in the finger!

Normally it would be a few days to heal shut, right? Well, I wish I would have thought of the oil, right when it happened, to wash it and put the oil on it immediately. Now I cannot wait for the next cut to see how fast it heals!

MnSue, in leaving, says “Have a super day and don’t go cutting yourself with paper, unless you have lavender on hand”. 😉

P.S. You can buy lavender right here..http://www.youngliving.org/susans
P.S.S. Otherwise, you can call me to have you help order too, 763.370.2246