First update on my hearing….with Young Living!

MnSue here with the first update on my hearing and the use of the oils from Young Living.

This is always a tough one, to voice, for me, my friends. I have been to many doctors over the years, from the age of five on, for hearing loss.  I have accepted that I have no hearing in my right ear and that about eight years ago started losing the low frequency in my left ear. To the tune of about 20% loss in one month, the following month was 30% loss and holding since eight years ago.  I have had ear pain off and on, I have had ringing of the ears. I have had the sound of swishing water and splashing waves. I have had the sound of tires humming on the freeway for years.  Faint at times, other times like I cannot get off the road with all them truck drivers and fall to sleep, like I am on the road once again…listening to the humming of those truck tires. How did I humor myself with this one? I told myself it could be worse, I could be stuck with a lot worse noises in my head. For one, my own negative thoughts. So, I told myself, don’t worry or even think about those noises in the head just think of all the good that happened today and what the next day will bring. The promises of a new day, another day, a new beginning. Also, that there is hope someday, that something will come along to help you with your hearing. I have tried different things over the years and have given up for whatever reason.

It is a little over two weeks ago and I blogged about what I am using from Young Living to help with my hearing loss titled, “My hearing loss with essential oils” on January 23rd, 2011.  My first moment was, when sitting in church one night( my hearing aid tube will sometimes pop out and it did this time). All of a sudden, I thought, am I hearing without my aid? So I pulled it out and sure enough, it was clear as a bell for about ten minutes, then it went away. I put my hearing aid back in and sat there, stunned. Amazed.  It has happened a few more times since then.  The hearing will come for a short time and fade out.  Why? Only God knows but I am not giving up.  I am going to continue what I am doing, using the Purification® and the Wintergreen oils, mixed with  V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex.  It may be a slow process but I will continue, as I do see benefits in other areas.

For me, I have head congestion all the time, I have in the past had numerous sinus infections,yearly. I have had headaches that hurt so bad, your head wants to sit still and not move although the rest of you wants to keep moving! My ears have ached from the pressure of the congestion.  Every morning I wake up for over two weeks now, with no congestion, no pressure. This in itself is unbelievable to me!!! I periodically have ear pressure still but nothing like before. All I know, is it is helping on keeping the inflammation down, the pressure is then not so bad on my ears. To me, this keeps me going, to know with time, if even this is all the comfort I get, it is well worth it!

I am one, who does not like medicine because of what the side effects I have had from them. So when I do take something finally, it is bad. So in regards to all the head infections, over the years I found the only thing that worked before was sudafed. Everytime I had to buy it…I would just about croak, then to have to take it and swallow it, knowing the side affects was hard on me.  I am happy to say, I have not taken any in over two months now! I pray that continues! 

MnSue leaving you in thought…essential oils, what are they?
are you ready to learn more, what do you have to say?

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