Free time with my family…I just love it!

Hello MnSue here!

Sometimes we just take the time away from business and have those great moments with friends and family. Last night was one of them! I went with our youngest son, Levi to watch dad and the older three brothers play hockey. Didn’t get to watch too much, as a few of us ladies were having a good time chatting! 🙂 Ever happen to you? I also wanted to capture this time in our life, that our three oldest boys were playing hockey with dad, for fun, in our church group.

 So I was able to have Crystal from Crystal Lee Photography capture this moment, in our lives. You can see how awesome they turned out;

Thanks for the great pictures, cannot wait to get them printed and framed for each of the guys!

Thanks for during such a great session with the guys, Crystal! You will do well with your passion in photography.

Here is Crystal’s link~
Crystal Lee Photography Blog

MnSue leaving you until the next blog!

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  1. I’m glad I was able to document such a special moment for you and your family!