Hey ladies, do you have PMS, Fibromyalgia or migraines? This blog is for YOU!

Hello, MnSue here!

Coming off a beautiful weekend with my grandbaby, Callie and the family.  She is taking her morning nap while Nana Sue is blogging on the web! Welcome to oilstoday.com for the newbies, enjoy and would love to hear from anyone of you!

I just got done reading a short book called, “Top Health Answers for Women” by Dan Purser, MD.  Fantastic quick read an the top health issues concerning women and how to deal with them, brief overview on his background and how this book came about to help women with these issues. Then the book tells you how and what to take for the health issues.

Are you suffering with issues from menopause? How do you know? Do you have the seven dwarfs following you around? The seven dwarfs are;

1) Sweaty
2) Bloaty
3) Sleepy
4) Forgetful
5) Itchy
6) Witchy
7) Psycho

I am sure, if you are in menopause, you have had one or two dwarfs following you a time or two and keeping to the shadows and persistant in not leaving you alone!

Want to avoid those dwarfs as friends?  His recommendation is preventative medicine! Why? Dr. Pursor likes to watch his patients with en eye towards preventing death and illness. Like he tells us in the book, the top four killers for women are heart attacks (coronary artery disease), breast cancer, strokes and osteoporosis.

What does this have to do with PMS, fibermyalgia and migraines? If I told you, I would give his book away and I would rather have you read it from the doc!  To me….it was a eye opener for I am little over forty and heading down that path with the dwarfs a little earlier than usual but realizing that what he says, can hasten some of these health issues, like an injury, which is what happened to me and makes perfect sense.

He lets us know that having migraines associated with menopause, is not good either, it is your body telling you..something. Yes, it is telling you, that you have restriction of blood flow to the brain! When you have restriction of blood flow to the brain, over time, what can that lead too?  Common sense tells us strokes! How about blood flow restrictions to the heart? There we have heart attacks!

Going back to his book, without giving it all away again, the book is about a half hour read and then you hear it directly from a doctor. He gives you the nitty gritty of each area and how to address it.

The main thing is ladies, is we do not get enough progesterone.  Young Livings,  Progessence™ Plus serum

is excellent, in that you can apply it anywhere and not worry about where you placed it last time and keep track of the places you have used it previously. “This new formula has frankincense oil ( to help boost the immune system) and bergamot oil to help calm and decrease postmenopausal anxiety.  The peppermint is added because the menthol helps the absorption of the progesterone molecules, and because it smells really good. ” as quoted from the book.

If you noticed, I did not cover issues in the heading, as Dr. Pursor does that so eloquently in his book that I feel if I tried, I couldn’t cover all of it anywhere near as good as Dr. Pursor did.

So now to read the rest of the story, email me at suesturos@hotmail.com and put in the subject line” Top “Answers for Women’s Health” and in the email, I will need full name and address, I then will email you back with the cost of the book and you can then paypal the monies to my email above. It can take up two weeks for delivery, depending on where you are having it sent.

MnSue helping you get rid of your seven dwarfs!

p.s. By the way, it is good for them younger girls too in helping them just starting out in the pms stage.
p.s.s. Don’t wait long, the dwarfs are persistent and can out run our energy, I know, been there and done that!