7 Reasons for YOU to love Young Living Essential Oils!


Hello, MnSue here! Wow, when you cannot use the oils for a few days…you really miss them! That is another blog for another day on how my oils disappeared! In our home we love the oils and what they can do for your everyday comfort and wellness that we started on the quest for why […]

The 9 reasons for using Essential Oils in Your everyday life!


Hello, MnSue here! Welcome to my blog on using essential oils, everyday.  Today, it brings to mind how I have started with the oils, some years back and the experiences and benefits I have received from them. One is to see the physical and or eomtional changes in others and then also the same, in […]

Hey ladies, do you have PMS, Fibromyalgia or migraines? This blog is for YOU!


Hello, MnSue here! Coming off a beautiful weekend with my grandbaby, Callie and the family.  She is taking her morning nap while Nana Sue is blogging on the web! Welcome to oilstoday.com for the newbies, enjoy and would love to hear from anyone of you! I just got done reading a short book called, “Top […]