Psssttt….this is not a usual post but cannot help myself!

MnSue here! Hello everyone!

I am really excited! I just purchased this outfit for my grandbaby Callie from and cannot wait for her to wear it!  I will have to find a long sleeve shirt and some leggings to go with it.  Here is the the link to the cute outfit I purchased. Click here on these words, to go to the seller’s site.  

The Harlow dress is made by; 1crown3tiaras
Here is the picture of the outfit! I cannot wait to see my grand-dolly in it!

 The name of the hat is ELLIE Cloche COPYRIGHTED © SweetSavannahBaby so you can go here to purchase it or any of her other adorable hats,
 Here is a close up of the hat, isn’t it absolutely adorable?

Now here is my lovely grandbaby….cannot wait to get her in the dress and hat!

So, waiting for the lovely outfit to come for my Callie grand-dolly of a baby, hoping to get it in time to take her one year old pictures at Nana Sue’s! Callie will be one on March 15th!

MnSue leaving you in a fun filled moment!


  1. Oh I LOVE it, super cute!