The 9 reasons for using Essential Oils in Your everyday life!

Hello, MnSue here! Welcome to my blog on using essential oils, everyday. 

Today, it brings to mind how I have started with the oils, some years back and the experiences and benefits I have received from them. One is to see the physical and or eomtional changes in others and then also the same, in one self.  I have had such profound changes in how they have helped me, that one cannot help but be so passionate about where to go from here. Sharing my stories and letting others know why one would use the oils.

I thought for anyone out there, who has never heard of oils, this is a great topic. I once thought, “Why would anyone want to use oils? Why would someone want to put oil on their skin? Doesn’t that feel greasy? Gracious, what about smelling like you rolled in a few too many perfume bottles?” I remember a good friend of mine, coming up to me and talking to me about the oils. I gave him an awful time of it.” Why would I want to stink?’ I asked him, having a good laugh….the last laugh is now his! That’s okay, as the benefits far out weigh the smell, any day. Also, many of them I now love and cannot imagine that I once thought that! 
 First of all, if you are on a quest to get healthier, or the more common route of medicine is not working for whatever reason, or if you are just curious what they can do for you, in your everyday living. This discussion is for you.
If you are wanting to learn how and where to use oils, I love the Higley’s book, “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” by Connie and Alan Higley. The twelfth edition just came out in 2010. They cover Young Living’s therapeutic grade oils and all their other products. How to use them for a particular need or health problem. What a fantastic book, I pull it out many times a day, as it is so informational. 
Using the oils can create a layering effect of benefits, to use them in  almost any form of therapy.  I was chatting with one of the ladies I know quite well at the one of the schools, my child, Levi goes too.  She mentioned when her daughter had her adenoids out that they gave a baggie of different oils to use for helping her recover and relaxing her before surgery, naturally. Wow, was I am impressed.  Also, with massage, chiropractic adjustments, other forms of hospitalization, emotional trauma and more. The list is endless, the possibilities for the powerful effects of these little drops of oils and their healing power is tremendous. 
Also, for cooking. They are so easy to use and so little is needed. Young Living has a couple of cookbooks out and you can also do a search online for  essential oil recipes. I found a really good cheesecake recipe I am wanting to try out, using lemon and lavender oils. Sounds delicious!
Some people love to use the essential oils like a perfume and why not? Many of them smell fantastic and the bonus is the therapeutic side of the smell, for yourself and the others around you. 
I have also heard of people diffusing the oils with diffusers or adding to water and scrubbing, to get rid of mold in their homes, on their siding of the house, driveways and more.  Again one can search online for how they have done this. 
We have used oils in our home for many reasons. One of them is for acne.  The Thieves® oil spray from Young Living is fantastic, combined with lavender for soothing the skin and helping repair blemishes and scarring. 
Another is for Raindrop Technique® to help rid the body of toxins, soothe the nervous system and relax the body. 
I have used the frankincense oil for calming and relaxing myself. One drop to the tongue and then press your tongue to the roof of your mouth for about 30 seconds or so and then go about your day. One of my favorite oils. 
I am working on my hearing issues(see another of my blogs on this), when you research oils, you can understand that they can heal many things that we have been told cannot, in traditional medicine. 
Sue loves cleaning with the Thieves® cleaner, for floors, walls, windows, mirrors, counters and more. You not only know you are cleaning without chemicals, you get the therapy of the oils diffusing into the air. The smell is fantastic!

Their are hundreds and hundreds of uses out there, with essential oils. Make sure they are therapeutic grade and from a reputable company. I choose to use Young Living’s product as I have done research and feel confident in the product I use.

So start by making small changes in your everyday with using oils and soon you will be amazed, just like I was with the results. Time after time, day after day.

Thank you for joining me on my blog,
MnSue leaving you with 9 reasons
out hundreds to use oils everyday
for many reasons and all seasons!

P.S. You can find the “everyday oil kit” here, that I recommend  to start with, using them in your home;
 by the way, they have 9 bottles in this kit, didn’t remember that until I was done blogging here! 😉

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