Thieves® and Acne or skin blemishes

Hello MnSue here~

Back again with the Thieves® product line. In our home, I have seen such great results with this that I just have to share!
As I have stated before, we are using the Thieves® products for acne, skin blemishes and oily skin. What we do in this home is wash with the Thieves® foaming hand soap to wash the area of concern. Then we spray the Thieves® spray on over the area after washing. I have noticed that one of the boys acne is just about gone and the other is reduced about 50% and their skin is looking fantastic and healthy.  One of them has acne scarring and now I am going to add lavender to the schedule and see how that works for them. Also one can add helichrysum for additional benefits. I like to keep it simple and see how a few of the more common ones work first and then add as needed.

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MnSue leaving you with a squeaky clean Thieves® of a face!