25 Raindrop Techniques with Young Living Essential Oils

Hello MnSue here!

Hope this day finds you feeling fantastic and being the best you can be.

I just have to tell all of you, one of them days that seems to be so close to ones heart. Yes, one of them. Today I did two raindrops. The second raindrop technique was the turning point in my full day. This client has had four or five of them done over a course of two months time.The results really hit me tonight. Excuse me if I get a little emotional on you! πŸ™‚

My client has such a happy go lucky out look on life despite the many health issues he has. Rheumatoid arthritis, heart issues, lung issue, low back has a crushed disc and more.  This client has had amazing results from just being on one other product and having the raindrop work done on him.  I have noticed the lopsided back when I first started working, one side was a good inch or more higher than the other side. His one shoulder is definitely higher than the other from carrying heavy bags over his shoulder for some years.  He had many lumps and bumps going every which way on his back.

His feet were the same. He could hardly walk the first time I worked on him. Oh, did I feel the pain for him, while dropping and then massaging them oils into his feet.  I cannot imagine trying to walk with even one extra bump on the bottom of the foot, let alone three or more on each foot. 

My eyes felt like they were fooling me tonight. I had to look at his feet a few times and I realized the bumps were at least half of what they used to be while starting with his feet, first. I asked him if he noticed any change. “Oh yah, I just was trying to stay off my feet for the last week!” As he was preparing to get a couple of the lumps cut off today. He told me that they said, after they got him all prepped for surgery, the feet were so good, that they didn’t need to do anything for them. Ahhh, did I feel happy for him, that he didn’t have to have one more surgery? Oh you bet I did, I felt in awe. Knowing this client so well, it is amazing how well his feet are doing, considering he does not stay off his feet for long.

By the way, his back? Oh, both sides of the back are even now. His back is pretty straight, no hunchback anymore! No more extra lumps and bumps…that I can see. Smooth as can be!!! I noticed that one shoulder is still higher than the other but hey, we cannot fix everything can we, in so short of time.  He has been sighted even crossing his legs on a hard chair, remember this is a guy who has a crushed disc in his low back. Hmmm. I think he is doing fantastic, to say the least. πŸ™‚

I pray he continues to do well, he really enjoys the raindrop technique.

 I really enjoy giving the raindrop technique. I feel so blessed to have the benefits of the oils in my life. Sometimes, it is so hard to believe I have come so far, in such a short time. I want to pinch myself and say, “Is this the girl who thought they stunk before?  Is this the same person who never wanted to go all out and start selling the Young Living Essential Oils? Hard to believe the one and the same!” She is enjoying them way too much! 

MnSue leaving you with raindrops of thought
try it, you just may love it, half as much as I do!

P.S. I have done these 25 raindrops since the beginning of January. πŸ™‚

P.S.S. If you would like to purchase the raindrop technique..click here!

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  1. Very well said… The Raindrop Technique is an absolutely amazing Technique. It is difficult for any of us to understand the science behind the Raindrop Technique, but it sure does do wonderful things. Not only does it help with back issues, but emotional, viral, and many other health issues. Sue did the Raindrop on me when she was over the other day. I had a rough cold coming along and my chest was sure feeling tight. The next day, the tightness was gone. Thanks Sue!

  2. I looking forward to my raindrop technique even more now! I have an issue with my neck, and chiro visits have done nothing…crossing my fingers!

  3. Whenever you are ready, let me know Crystal. Give me a few dates and lets work it into the schedule.

    BtW..the raindrop technique also worked amazingly well with my grandbaby Callie’s torticollis. One can hardly notice that she has it. I should do one or two more and then see where it is at. πŸ™‚