Do the 7 PMS dwarfs follow YOU around? or Someone YOU love?

Hello MnSue here!

Went to a fantastic training on a product called, Progessence Plus put out by Young Living Essential Oils with Dr. Dan Purser, this past weekend in Minneapolis(Mpls) Minnesota. I sure do feel empowered to help out a few of my 7 dwarfs that show up in my life! ‘)

Have you ever been around anyone of your gal friends and seen these dwarfs pop up around them?

1) Sweaty
2) Bloaty
3) Sleepy
4) Forgetful
5) Itchy
6) Witchy
7) Psycho

and were wishing you had something to give them? Now you do, Progessence Plus!

The biggest “PLUS” out of “Progessence Plus” to me is that that it is not a drug. Hence the beauty of it is, no side affects. How many of all us, men & women can raise our hand to side affects of drugs? Then how many of us then raise it again, to not so nice, of side affects with them, also? Way to many, just way to many! I could write a book on mine alone…between my youngest son’s med’s he took at a very early age to the one’s I was on myself. Not to dig the hole any deeper but to throw in the one drug my son was going to be put on for narcolepsy. We will stop digging that hole, right now.

Then the next plus is that one can put it on anywhere, without cycling. For those of you who have been on progesterone know what I am talking about. One could not layer it over the same place you put it the last time, so one had to track where you were putting it on the body. Okay, some of you are reading this and saying, “What is so difficult about that?” Trust me, when you have enough going on in your life, one does not remember something so simple, sometimes. Been there, done that cycling and soon quit because I couldn’t remember the previous spot. Then on some products, you have to quit taking for a period of time and give yourself a break from it for a while(which mine was one of them). Okay…well I did give it a break.. Permanently, after I read the side affects of that too. Breast cancer?  You have to be kidding, right? Why would they suggest to even use it then? At that time, my dwarfs were not to bad so I said, I can live with a dwarf or two but not the thought that I knowingly would put a product on that promotes breast cancer.
Over time, the dwarfs can just creep up on you. So nice and subtle you do not know that good friend, dwarfy, is even there. After all, they are small. They are friendly and they are so good at being friends that you do not even notice them or do you? Are YOU ignoring them? Trust me, ignoring them will not make that friend, go away. By the way, if you so call, bury your head in the sand, dwarfy will just tap you on the shoulder and remind you, that they are there. So, whatever you do, do not ignore these 7 dwarfs that are your friends, whichever ones that are.

Next you are going to be asking me why can I not just ignore them? Am I right? Okay, your answer is simply. The dwarfs, as small as they are, will very lovingly attract all their friends, one by one over to you. After all, you didn’t help them go away, did you?

So,as the story goes, all them dwarfs will morph over time and then you will be friends with all them 7 dwarfs! Just kidding. This was just getting so fun to tell the story, that I had to have it “morph” too! Anyway, over time, you just feel worse and worse and hope it all goes away, is Suzy right on this one?  I would rather be wrong and say, “trust me, those kind of friends will just walk away” so live with it and deal with it. But not so true. How many millions of women suffer daily & momentarily with these issues? Too many. Way too many.

If one goes to the doctor, we are handed a tube of cream of some sort, try this and come back in a month. Month two, didn’t work you tell the doc. Okay, you are one in xxx numbers it didn’t work for. So, why not try this? Here you go, slip of paper in hand, this time and cycling once again with a different prescription.  Stop this cycling.   Now you are not only cycling on products that are not working, along with the side affects but with the doctor visits too.

Just click here and order now, not just one bottle but three

Try it faithfully, anywhere on the body but preferably on the neck, wrist, forearm area for the next three months and let me know your changes. Be prepared to work on this, dwarfy doesn’t take a hint sometimes, that his kind of friendship is not wanted. Sometimes they walk away but sometimes they can be persistent.

Here is what Young Living tells us; Apply 2-4 drops daily on neck area. For added effect, apply 1-2 drops along forearms daily. Do not exceed two applications per day. Does not need to be rotated on different areas of the body or cycled throughout the month. 

For those of you who love the nitty gritty of details, like my engineer husband. That will follow in tomorrows blog. Yes, I made you engineered minded people wait, you are the most patient of the bunch. 🙂  I just wanted to get the basics out to the majority of us who suffer with them dwarfs, as friends.

So until tomorrow…

MnSue leaving you with these thoughts,
“for this moment to change
you have to change
and where will it be?
Back in same circle of friends,
the 7 dwarfs; Sweaty, Bloaty, Sleepy,
Sweaty, Itchy, Witchy
and Pyscho?”

Also, (the outdated CA law) on the bottle, according to the doc makes us state this,

“WARNING This product contains a chemical known to te state of California to cause cancer” 

Click here to learn more about this law.

Don’t let the dwarfs keep walking all over you, start feeling better, naturally by going here!

click here!

Order your products and keep in mind, these are not a cure all! These are to help you through womanhood.

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  2. Thank you Krista for the post. I just love this product. 🙂 Progessence Plus!

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