Don’t let ANYONE run off with your Young Living Essential Oils!

Haha, Good one! MnSue here!

I just have to blog about this happening! This is way to funny, although at the time, there were a few frantic people looking for the box that held those lil’ jewels of a product, our personal, everyday bottles of essential oils from Young Living!

We had our first training back on February 19th, last month, and my good friend and one of my mentors in the business, stayed overnight. As she was packing up her car, she packed up her boxes, never looking twice inside. So our personal oils, took a fun ride up north with my mentor.

Meanwhile, back at the Sturos’ ranch….no oils to be found, other than unopened bottles. I started looking for them and thought, did I leave them downstairs when I went and did the laundry? Did I leave them in the car? Did I leave them in the room that I do raindrop technique massage’s? Around and around I went, trying to retrace my steps. Kind of laughing at myself, in a way. What could I have possibly done with them?

Soon I had one son asking for them, then another and then my husband. Arghhh. Where are they? Soon, we are all looking. Now, I am actually giggling to myself, thinking, “wow, this is amazing how we all are looking for them, we obvious know they work and don’t want to go to bed without using them”.

Then all of a sudden, the light bulbs went off. “Oh no, did I leave them at the place of training? They closed before 10, no way to call them.  Hmmm, wonder if my good mentor has them for some odd reason? No, I thought, she wouldn’t take my box, she doesn’t have hers in a box like mine, so no, she wouldn’t have them.  Then I thought,what if, for some funky reason they did end up in her car? You better call Sue, because if they are not with her you have to call the place you had training at, first thing in the morning” as I am going through all this self talk, back and forth in my mind.

Early (after a sleepless night) the next morning, I get a call back from mentor, yep, she has the oils. Ahh, what a relief. Now how to get them back? I have a of few hundred dollars oils in that bucket! So, she promises to mail the oils first thing Monday morning, whew!

I get off the phone and realize, no mail will be going Monday morning, President’s Day.

So five days later, I realize how much I have depended on these oils. Thank you, my good mentor, for shipping them back pronto!  I am back to sleeping a good nights sleep. I am feeling terrific and we are back to having the trusty bucket of oils back on the counter in the bathroom!  We use them in so many applications that I cannot begin to tell you, how much we all missed them!

I sure hope this never happens again. I love my oils, way to much!

 MnSue leaving with just a few words now
so happy to have my lil’ jewels of oils box back,
that I can sleep the good night through
without them, cannot imagine,
what would I be going through?

I put frankincense essential oil on my feet, blended with the v-6 oil, for a calming, good nights sleep.
You can go here to get them, straight to your door;
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  1. I am so anxious to get my oils and start using them on my family…can’t wait!

  2. I cannot wait for you to get them too. Just love, love, love them essential oils!

  3. i actually tried to order a few from your site, but soon as I went to pay, had all the info in of my credit card, hit submit and went into some kind of html error code on their site. Tried it twice, no luck. I want to get 15 ml peppermint and same size oregano. help!

  4. Hello Denise,

    Thank you! I left you a message on facebook, so hopefully you can order now. YL said to give them a call, if you did not get the message.

    I love these oils, cannot wait to get my next order.