Dr. Dan Purser ask for Progessence Plus Testimonials~Thank you Ladies!

Hello Ladies!

MnSue here with some great testimonials for Progessence Plus, one of the great products for us ladies! Young Living has such a fantastic product line it can be hard to choose what to tell you about.  Thank you Dr. Dan Purser for helping us out here! Thank you ladies for the time for writing your testimonials.

Anyone want to make a comment on Progessence Plus? A nice distributor named Sue needs some!

    • Maureen Quinones From the first time I used it, I was able to sleep through the night! — no more waking up in the middle of the night, and wondering “why?”

    • Melissa Buettner Poepping Once I established the proper dosage for myself, the psychotic side effects of traditional PMS vanished into thin air, my menstural cramps vanished right along with it, my cycles became a normal event and I realized that a “normal” menstural cycle was not suppose to be a painful agonizing monthly occurance.

    • Dominique Beer My 17yo doesn’t like to use it because it makes her happy LOL
      I guess teenagers like to be unhappy :p And lucky for me she hasn’t realized that she goes to bed earlier and sleeps better than she use to when she uses it at night πŸ™‚

    • Darlynna Morris Rush Are we supposed to use another oil with it, and which one?

    • Michelle Rene Cox I have no thyroid, and Fibromyalgia. After using PPS, I am able 2 sleep through the night and the neuromuscular pain and burning is tolerable. ( Diminished greatly) I ran out, and went without, and I thought I was gonna lose it! The pain was unbearable and I could not sleep!! I remembered my mom had some and she was visiting from Florida, I used like 6 drops immediately then 4 more in about 2 hours, my pain and brain fog went away almost immediately!!! This stuff’s amazing!!!!

    • Dominique Beer U don’t have to Darlynna – some people like to use endogize with it or some sclar essence πŸ™‚

    • LeAnne Rafferty My aches and pains are missing…my happiness & energy have returned…my husband is happy & smiling…those are my side effects of using Progessence Plus oil.

    • Jonell Elder β€Ž2 friends have been using for hot flashes (1 drop) and had IMMEDIATE help.

    • Charlotte Elizabeth Staraitis Grogan My breast tenderness has gone away, my passing of “large clots” has gone away and I think I’m not as crabby either…..I also still use Endogize capsules

    • Lisa Maupin Tmj headaches are gone

    • Lorna Hensch
      It brought my hormone level to the “normal” range. Which in turn has helped the acne on my face, the SEVERE cramps are more tolerable, the cycles arent as long and I have less bloating. YAY!!! I feel more balanced! When I had to go without for a month…..I could feel small cramps in my ovaries……. after intercourse, a workout, or heavy cleaning! Weird I know!!
      Now I need to find out why I Perspire (sometimes so wet my arm pits ‘drip’!!) – for when I was younger I rarely did. So far PPS has not helped me with this πŸ™
      My order has come today! Was the first thing I pulled out and put 2drops on my neck! Now I am ready to face the world again! πŸ™‚
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    • Barbara Ullrich I bought 4 bottles at the regional seminar on Saturday & sold 2 of them on Sunday. One to an exercise coach, who got that she needed it, and immediately thought of 3 clients who should try it. The other was another 50-something who saw the need, but may have bought it because of the smell – she couldn’t put it down.

    • Kathryn Conlen Love the fact that Progessence Plus immediately relieves my symptoms of PMS!

    • Melody Moon I started spotting SEVERAL years after a hysterectomy. I had been feeling yucky, brought back memories of the menustral years. After a couple of days I began bleeding. Memories came streaming back. I applied PP and the pain began to diminish. The bleeding left shortly afterwards. I only wish I had had it SEVERAL years ago. The hysterectomy would not have had to happen. I thank God it is here now. though.

    • Vicki Burg I have severe Endometriosis and have been on narcotics all of my life for the pain. I have used the PP and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it is to be pain free. I have had 6 surgeries for this disease and I have never felt this good. Now if we could only get all the GYN doctors to realize how amazing this oil is. Thank you Dan for designing this for us.

    • Sarah McDermott I FEELTHE OILS MAKING ME A MORE FOCUSED PERSON. I don’t run around in circles anymore driving myself crazy.

    • Kathy Moore Karlander I also have noticed a better complexion in my face and a more “even” emotional status (despite some tremendously stressful things going on in my life at the moment). I imagine i would have been a total basket case without the resources I have at my disposal–Progessence Plus and other YL essential oils, among other things.

    • Lisa Krznarich
      I had stared using when unveiled at convention last year. I am a young mother of 2 with hormones way out of whack since being involved in an auto accident and medications the Doc’s had me on. Also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, painful menstruation, heavy clotting and fibroid tumors (up to 5 at a time). PPS has helped tremendously in all areas. I did stop using for 2 weeks…just st see how I would be. That only lasted 2 weeks, 1 day. I really believe in PPS. I have my 18 niece using and the kids bus driver has complained about painful menstruation. After using it only 1 week she told me she had always knew when her period was coming. She woke up and didn’t even have a clue. It works…in more ways than one! Thanks Dr Purser!See More

    • Deb Keto Kurowski I sleep so much better and hot flashes are way down!
    • Cheryl Planert My headaches of 20 years are completely gone, and my TMJ is so diminished, I almost forget it. Sleep is deep; mood is up. What could be better — it feels like a miracle!
    • Lois Schweigert Soule I keep a bottle in my car and if I start to get a headache or a little stressed, I just put some on my neck…all better!!Had a friend in the car complaining of a headache, gave somme to here to put on and she was amazed, her headache was gone in a couple minutes.

    • Sarah McDermott My skin also feels better. I was wondering if you can explain why I watch the Bachelor now???? LOL
    • Kari McDermott If you are good at listening to your body, try Progessence Plus. It will definitely talk to you! It is the best natural delivery of P4 I have ever experienced. It does require being a “good listener” (possibly symbolic of our times)!
    • Amber Wurtz Lange I am post menapausel so I also use endogize, PD80/20 and sclar essence with the progesence plus serum. The serum works so much better than the cream and I now feel normal again. No more anxiety for no reason.

    • Dan Purser Wow, thanks! I love you gals! If I die today I would die knowing I helped a few souls with a little less suffering. But wait until you see what we’re coming out with next! It will be so cool especially when I explain how to use it and why — EVEN BETTER than Progessence Plus! (Again, Dr. Young and my super team are just tweaking something he’s already made WAAAAAYYY UP! WOOOHOOOO!)

    • Dan Purser Sarah, I haven’t watched it but is this Bachelor guy hunky? PP does increase libido in women.
    • Dan Purser Interesting for all these comments when you know the science and how things “should” work and how well they can work when designed correctly then things (like natural progesterone) really DO work! (Did that make sense?)

    • Debbie Kamp Dreyer My cousin used Progessence Plus one day after suffering terrible hot flashes…her hot flashes have gone away, hasn’t had one since and she is LOVING her new oil β™₯ It works!

    • Michele Schramm I was having hot flashes and night sweats throughout the day and night, which really impacted my sleep. I started seeing improvement within 3 days on the Progessence Plus and within about two weeks I was in “flash free” zone! No flashes or sweats for over a month. Yeah!
    • Vasthi Galindo I got pregnant with much, much less effort than the first two times πŸ™‚
      Tuesday at 4:33pm Β·
    • Sue Hillukka Sturos Thanks ladies. I have been using it for 2 weeks and oh my. Yes results are quick. Tmj, hardly there. My emotions seem to be much more in balance and absolutely love the smell!! Cannot wait for your next product. Hopefully it will not be too long of a wait, Dr. Dan!
      Thanks again, to all the ladies who responded so quickly. This Progessence Plus is such a great product. I love using it also on my face…leaves the skin nice and smooth, along with the benefits of working on hormones. I just add a little more V-6 oil along with one drop for face and one drop on neck. At first I was really tired and forgot why, that I had started these products. So at night I do one to two drops and face. In the morning I do only one drop as I do want to stay up and enjoy my day, awake! πŸ™‚
      MnSue leaving you with sweet dreams 
      of sleeping the good night through
      just a lil drop or two will do!

        P.P.S. I wonder what would happen if you diffused Progessence Plus, in an office full of ladies? Would this calm them down? Anyone tried this before? 

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  1. I am 44 and had a thyroidectomy in 2002 due to cancer. I take synthroid and became and peri-menopausal about 2yrs ago…only have periods 2-4x a year. I’ve been using PP for about 6 months. It took about 6wks to get balanced. I used 4 drops total between neck and forearms both in morning/night. Had a two normal cycles. I thought I could ‘dial down the dosage’ to 1-2 drops morning/night. But my periods stopped. I went back to 3 drops morning/night but now it seems I’ve gone way out of balance again.

    I was out of PP for about a week in Feb (which was 2 months ago).

    Now, in the last week I have hormone induced acne, night sweats and now daytime hot flashes. The daytime hot flashes are unusual. I rarely get these, now they are happening daily WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?!?!?!?!

    My menopausal symptoms seem to cycle like a period even though I’m using the PP religiously.

    fyi..I have hated the smell of PP until this week which I thought was really odd. I think it’s the sandalwood? maybe? Also, when I first started, I got hot flashes ANYTIME I used the PP. That took about 4wks to go away.

  2. Hello Heather,

    Do you have Dr.Purser’s contact information? You need to talk with him, as you are going into multiple issues here. Thanks, MnSue πŸ™‚

  3. I do not. How might I get it?

  4. I am 33 years old and the mother of 3 children. I had my three kids in 3 1/2 years and after each delivery I would notice a period of “inflammation” as I would call it. Six months after my third child, I went to my regular doctor and begged her to help me as I was “falling apart”. I was spotting all month long despite being on regular bc, I was having horrible migraines at least three times a month, usually before my period, and I was having joint pain and stiffness. My doctor took the wait and see approach. I went to a nurse practitioner who ran a blood test and found that I had hypothyroidism, low calcium, pre menstrual dysphoric disorder, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. With a vaginal ultrasound she found a uterine fibroid. I was overwhelmed, but relieved. I started the Levothyroxine (generic for Synthroid) and the brain fog lifted, but still spot and bleed irregularly and have awful migraines due to low progesterone she suspects. Of course, she will not prescribe anything for this bc of the cancer risks, so I am trying Progessence Plus myself. I am on my first dose today and am hoping to sleep better, sweat less, bleed more regularly, and not want to yell at my family all the time. I have just started using YL essential oils and am using them to deal with some of the depression I am suffering from all of these problems! Dr. Purser, I was wondering if you had any more words of advice or if there is another specific product that would help me. When i did the bioscan it recommended Basil Oil b/c it seemed I was very out of balance. I’ve been using the basil oil on my feet at night bc it stinks and copaiba under my tongue as well as thieves and lavender.

  5. I was having cycles lasting 70+ days, and have struggled with fertility issues in the past.My cycles have never been normal. I was told on May 18th of 2013 that I woudl need fertility drugs again if I were to ever want another child. I started using the oil two days later when my period started and found out I was pregnant on May 17!! I am not sure what the future holds, but I can guarantee that this would never have happened without the oil.

    Now my big worry is do I keep using it? I’ve heard yes until 10 weeks and I’ve heard no. I’ve had a miscarriage before and do not want to experience that again. Really hoping things work out well for this little one, but super excited about the oil either way!

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  7. Hi there my name is Ann & I’m 38 and suffer acute bouts of endometriosis (painful abdominal spasms). And sorry for being too graphic with my issues but my mom has alzheimers and I don’t have any female relatives I can ask questions regarding female issues.

    Now to start off I’m embarrassed to say I’m still a virgin and I’ve been to a gyno only twice in my life just for the sake of having a pap and everything was copesetic but it seems conventional specialists have yet to figure out why I suffer form severe headaches, TMJ pain that pretty much never dissipates, severe inflammation unexplained bouts of inflammation and weird occurences of spasms and pain in my body that attack during the middle of my ovulation date all the way towards the end of my cycle. Now sadly each gyno I went to told my my calendar cycles are normal & that my 2 first days of my period are slighty moderate as far as bleeding but then the next 3 days is slight spotting . Now when I was younger I was bleeding normally none of these weird pains and spotting nonsense. So now I’m at a crossroads where my gastroentorologist tells me that the last ultrasound of my abdomen showed no gallstone issues at all. So now she wants to prescribed me birth control & something mood/nerve calming medicine called zoloft due to the stress that I am bearing as the sole caregiver of my mom with alzheimers BUT what these doctors are not understanding that all my life I have had no need for birth control and I rather not start birth control (low dose or regular dose because I’m more into natural holistic ways of curing what’s bothering me) only to have a whole new host of more painful symptoms or issues to arise.

    And frankly when the gastro specialist listened to my so called nonsensical reasoning that birth control is a carcinogen and can for me cause a new host of problems she showed me the door cause I wouldn’t band aid my stomach pain with zoloft or birth control which I SO DO NOT believe in.

    So I’m hoping if someone on this comment thread can assist me in answering my questions regarding

    Progessence Plus Serum (<= is this an essential oil or cream??)

    can this essential oil/cream stop the odd hormonla pains (inflammation, headaches, heart palpitations, TMJ pain etc etc?? I suffer during the mittelschermz portion of my period) AKA middle syndrome pain from ovulation date to the end of my period is the worst 2 weeks of my life almost close to bed ridden in some months….

    my questions is does that mean I’m making too much hormones or not enough hormones?? Do I need this progesterone product or is endoflex essential oil the right product for me??

    will Progessence Plus Serum get rid of or at least give me an ounce of relief form all these unexplained pains I’m enduring and no doctor except for my chinese acupuncturist has been able to figure out??

    also where do massage this essential oil/cream and how offten do I use it? when do I use it before or after my period? and I’m reading various side effects or mixed reviews on Progessence Plus Serum….

    how long before any side effects if all from this product will I see an ounce of relief from all the aches & pains I suffer and endure monthly??

    I’m praying this product can help me I’m at the mercy of vicious money hungry doctors who only treat symptoms NOT the underlying cause of the PMS and pains I’m near bed ridden from.

    Any answers are deeply appreciated.

  8. Is there a “best” time to test for hormonal issues? I am about to have a series of tests recommended by Dr. Purser for fibromyalgia (I have a variety of nuerological symtoms and suspected endocrine problems after having 5 children in 7 years). Should I wait until something like mid-cycle or will the “normal” ranges account for wherever my cycle happens to be at? I want to get the tests done for baseline before beginning any hormonal based supplements as I am afraid of making my symptoms worse.