Essential Oil Training on Progessence Plus from Young Living’s Dr. Purser!

Hello, MnSue here!

Thank you for coming to our blog on Young Living’s fantastic essential oils.

Was a fantastic day and learned so much on women’s issues from Dr. Dan Purser, MD in Minneapolis, MN today. Wow, thankfully I brought my notebook along as my flip camera promptly quit working at the beginning of the training. ;(

It is so amazing to think how far we have come, baby! Just couldn’t resist on this one…all you ladies! I am learning all about “fun stuff” we get to go through, being a lady! I was looking at that list of all those dwarfs and it is amazing we women are sane, after all that we go through. Some ladies go through the “PMS” symptoms for years, going to doctor after doctor and getting no help.

Thankfully, Young Living has come out with a fantastic product, called Progessence Plus. It is not a cure all for everything but sure is a fantastic product to help one get through all the “stages” of the dwarfs. Oh, by the way, the dwarfs are mentioned in my first blog on PMS…February 14th! 😉

I will leave you with this teaser of a blog…until Monday and then give you some more training then!

MnSue leaving you with the dwarfs for now…
unless you want help from the lil’ jewel of oil?

Go here….to order! 🙂

Until Monday…have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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