Lemonade with Young Living Essential Oils!

Hello and Greetings from MnSue!

Great time last night, with lots of laughter at a friends home in Princeton, who had a Premier Jewelry Party. She had the best Lemon Cheesecake with lemon topping and fresh big raspberries!!! Oh boy…almost had a second slice but held off knowing I was trying not to take even a one! 🙂  Me & Lemons…we have a connection!

Oh, by the way…scratchy throat? Funny stomach? All you need is a few drops of lemon essential oil, half of tablespoon of local honey and about 3 ounces of hot water. Add the lemon essential oil to the honey, then put spoon into hot water and stir until dissolved. Then add about three to four more ounces of cold water or ice. You can add more to taste but I usually like straight lemon essential oil in my water and sip all day. Ahhh, So refreshing.

Lemon Oil Lemonade

3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
1/2 Tbsp of Local Honey
3-4 ounces of Hot Water
3+ ounces of Cold Water or Ice

Again, just add the lemon essential oil to the honey in the spoon, stir into hot water until dissolved then add the remaining cold water or ice.

Try changing it a bit and mixing the lemon oil with grapefruit, peppermint, orange or lavender essential oils or your favorite one. Adding only one drop at a time as they are essential oils. 

By the way, Why local honey? Local honey helps you adapt to pollens and other stuff in the air better than taking honey from elsewhere. As a added bonus you are supporting your local economy. 🙂 Where to find?  Many times local orchards will have honey or know where to get some.

MnSue leaving you to enjoy a sweet treat!

Are you wondering where to purchase the ‘seed to seal’ essential lemon oil from Young Living? Click here to order!

Isn’t this just so much better tasting then the powder drink? So much more beneficial and healthy too!

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  1. Thanks for the recipe, can’t wait to try it!