MnSue’s Top 4 Reasons Why Essential Oils Are Good to Start, A Drop At A Time

Hello, MnSue here about Young Living Essential Oils. I just love them, if you haven’t noticed! I have had such great results that I cannot help but share them with you.

I bring up this, not so favorite topic, as I am sure this will happen to you or someone you know using the oils at some point in time. Especially if your children or grandchildren use them! πŸ™‚ How much of essential oils is too much? Why start a drop at a time?

A couple of months ago, I carefully showed one of my sons, how to use the oils, step by step.  Over time, he decided to get it done quicker and on that note he started being not so diligent in his amounts.  As he basically poured one oil into his hand and splashed it to the back of his neck, I walked in on the scene. “Oh my”, I thought, “Did I really see what I saw?” That much oil? I think he is forgetting how powerful and effective one drop can be. So I walked through the steps again, asking him to pull out the paper, where I had written his directions on. Not too hard to follow, I thought. So, in trying to get  the oils on quickly, I think he was not paying attention to the details.

So, you are wondering, why does this matter?
   1. For one, the products are very effective with amounts recommended.
   2. They are not meant to be used as a splash of cologne, one can detox, too fast. Your body will get rid of junk so quick it makes you have, ah, not so fun of side effects. Like flu like symptoms.
    3. If you use too much of an essential oil, your body will just get rid of the extra.  What a waste, Hey?
    4. You really cannot track how much you are using, because a splash can be different each time. πŸ™‚

 By now, I am sure you get my point.  Start slow and work your way into a product to find YOUR perfect amount. I have found with essential oils, to have patience.  It may seem funny but even if I take even quite a few drops of a citrus oil I get, the ah, flu like symptoms. Yep, I found out the hard way, adding two drops of three different citrus oils can be a bit much added to the NingXia Red drink. Taste buds loved it. So on into my daily regime, Sue proceeded to add a drop or two of lemon essential oil, to my water….yes, it tastes way too delicious, except it was way more than enough.  So, now I am cutting back on citrus oils. Only 3 drops, one of each in the morning. One drop of lemon essential oil to my water.

So…moral of this story is please don’t splash on your essential oils, start by drops or you will look like these fun citrus fruit, all googly eyed! I just couldn’t resist, I am just joking. Someone, was out there having fun!  How much is too much for you?  This is where YOU come in, YOU have to start by taking them and working them into YOUR life. One drop at a time.

MnSue leaving you in thought,
no splashing on oils
of all kind
alot less trips
 like MnSue
to the loo you will find
so keep in mind
to start with
one drop at a time!

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Don’t let this fun loving blog scare you away, I do not normally take this much citrus essential oils like yesterday, but when I do, to the loo I flew. I  just wanted to get the point out that they are effective and a little goes a long way. πŸ™‚

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  1. This is so interesting…I better watch it, thanks for the info. Also, I wanted to mention that I added a little lemon oil to the chicken I baked last night, so awesome!

  2. I probably needed a really good liver cleanse, it has been over a year since I did the last one. I also like to let others know, just so when it happens, no surprises, Crystal! Isn’t it delicious? I did it with fish a week ago. πŸ™‚