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Hello MnSue here! Welcome to my blog on Young Living Essential Oils.

Are you on facebook? Are you a new fan to my blog? I am running a marathon with the clock!! I need 26 more “likes” and I can pull two names out of the hat out of all the 100 “likes” I have on facebook. Also if you share it on your page and state where you shared from, you get an extra try at the second prize. First one is a 15 ml of lavender essential oil and the second prize(for sharing) is 15 ml of lemon essential oil. How do you do it?  Click on the facebook button on the left of my blog page. Sign in, to your account if you need too and remember to hit the “like” button.  Now you are entered in the first contest. Then you hit the “share” button, down on the left side of oilstoday.com facebook page and share on your page. In the box, remember to type in that if you go to “like” oilstoday.com facebook page, let them know “your name” referred you. So you get a second chance at winning!! So fun, see you over at my facebook page.

MnSue leaving you to go “like”
my fanpage on facebook!

I give out daily tips and information on the Young Living Essential Oils from my facebook page, oilstoday.com.

P.S.S. Would you like to order? Go here..www.youngliving.org/susans or would you like more information? Text Sue here at 763.370.2246 “more info on yL” in the text.

Rules for contest~ Must be 18 years and older, must reside in the United States. 

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