NingXia Red, Young Livings Liquid Gold Drink!


Hello and welcome to my blog! MnSue here…I just have to let you know. I have a favorite drink, first thing in the morning. I just love how good it feels going down and how awesome I feel, long after it is gone from the glass. NingXia Red is what I have tagged for “liquid […]

Dr. Dan Purser ask for Progessence Plus Testimonials~Thank you Ladies!


Hello Ladies! MnSue here with some great testimonials for Progessence Plus, one of the great products for us ladies! Young Living has such a fantastic product line it can be hard to choose what to tell you about.  Thank you Dr. Dan Purser for helping us out here! Thank you ladies for the time for […]

25 Raindrop Techniques with Young Living Essential Oils


Hello MnSue here! Hope this day finds you feeling fantastic and being the best you can be. I just have to tell all of you, one of them days that seems to be so close to ones heart. Yes, one of them. Today I did two raindrops. The second raindrop technique was the turning point […]