PMS got YOU down? FREE Training in MPLS with DR. DAN PURSER!!!

Hello, MnSue here!

We are going to have a great weekend, I can just tell.

I just loved Dr. Dan Purser’s  book,“Top Health Answers for Women”. This is a quick read, about a half hour and packed with so much information, it is so helpful in understanding women’s issues.

We are so fortunate to get Dr. Purser here this weekend, March 5th, in Minneapolis, Mn. Come and  Welcome Dr. Purser and learn all about how Young Living’s Progressence Plus and a handful of other products can work hand in hand with woman’s issues. Thank you, Dr. Purser for sharing such a wealth of information on woman’s health issues and how to work with them, instead of against them.

headaches, especially bad migraine headaches
hot flashes
day and night sweats
TMJ  (lack of progesterone)
dehydration leading to neuropathy
lack of libido
hair loss
increases acne

Many physicians believe these symptoms are from low estradiol (estrogen)
but what Dr. Dan Purser explains is that…..
many times the above conditions are caused by low progesterone.
Estrogen dominance means not enough progesterone to balance.

Do you know someone who suffers from woman’s issues? At the very least one of you needs to read his book or come to the training he is putting on.  If you are a distributor coming to the training on Saturday, March 5th, it will cost you $20(food, travel expense not included). Otherwise FREE to everyone else out there, so come and learn!! I cannot wait to see what Dr. Purser has to tell us tomorrow and hope to see you there! the way…just a few of the known area’s that Progesterone can help women in~ 

  • cools arteries
  • prevents 98% of hot flashes
  • prevents 98% of day or night sweats
  • prevents 98% of PMS
  • prevents 98% of migraine headaches in females only
  • improves post-partum depression
  • aids in weight loss
  • decreases acne
  • mood elevation  (best time to take is at night)j
  • helps 98% of TMJ inflammation
  • reduces breast cancer risk
  • aids in sleep at night
  • heals nerves: enables nerve remyelination
  • reduces endometriosis
  • improves bone density

Isn’t that just sweet that Progessence Plus has progesterone in it and the “Plus”  is all those goodies that make it work even better!?

 chat with you soon,

MnSue leaving you to learn some more
on Young Living’s fantastic products!

Cannot wait to order? Go here; to order!
Would like more information or the book? Call Sue 763.370.2246

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  1. Sue,

    I can’t wait. I’m going to Seattle to see Dr. Purser March 12th. I’m very excited. Your blog is wonderful! Full of great information.

    Thank you and God bless,

  2. Will be fun to hear how you liked it Debbie! 🙂