PreMeeting Jitters? ADD or Hyperactive? Valor Essential Oil is for YOU!


Hello, MnSue here! I hope you are learning and enjoying my video series on using Essential Oils, Everyday, starting today! You can learn in just minutes a day from my series on “Essential Oils 101 with MnSue”. Here is the next in the series on the blended . It helps out for humans and pets […]

Acne & Essential Oils, How to Video with MnSue


Hello, MnSue here with another video on how to work with acne and acne scarring. Not a fun thing to deal with but one that needs to be addressed, if you have issues with it. I have been doing my videos, learning about essential oils, to help you learn in minutes a day. As most of us have such […]

“Why Use Essential Oils?” with MnSue


Hello MnSue here with another video on “Why Use Essential Oils?” in your everyday living, starting today.  I have had such great results in my family and friends, I cannot help but share them with you! Here you go, Enjoy!! I love feedback, the fifth video I have put out to help you understand Essential […]