Bruno Wraps Up A Life Learning Lesson With Toilet Paper!

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One of my dear cousin’s and good friend shared this great read with me. It had me wondering what kind of joke was she sending me in the email, with the subject heading, “The Toilet Paper Story”?  I think I am a good pill, when I can bravely open the email up and read it.  Needless to say, she got me hooked on “Bruno’s One Minute Email”.  All with one simple share.  Oh, my gosh how simple is that?

I feel like Bruno is a friend I have had forever.  He has a picture of himself at the top, relaxed with eye glasses in hand.  That pose struck me as a slice from the past. My mother used to do that for years, coming home from work, sat down in her favorite chair and promptly fall asleep for a few minutes with her glasses dangling from her fingertips. In seconds, trust was built, I could put a face to the words and I could relate to his one minute read!

Here is a link, click here! Find out what Bruno wrote that persuaded me, in less than one minute, to join his following on Bruno’s blog. After reading it, I wished I could just remember,”The Toilet Paper Story” always! As Bruno states the obvious.  To be a problem solver rather than a complainer.  Well, do not worry, we have Bruno on our side, when we forget life’s little lesson.

 All we have to do, is go back and read Bruno’s one minute read on life’s lessons, with toilet paper.

Who knows, maybe Bruno will start his next, fun loving gift of a few second read on the actual paper
 To remind us, life is too short to not forgive, life is too short to stay angry and holding it all in.

In life, the pain hurts going through those lessons sometimes.  One needs to remember that if we don’t forgive, in the end the pain isn’t not in the lesson, it is in the poison of not letting go. Time does heal and leads us to those teachers that help us students learn.

Thank you dear cuz for sharing Bruno and Bruno thanks for sharing your one minute reads! Thank you, dear reader, for following me & my blog.

MnSue leaving you to think
how does this relate to oils?
I use the essential oils to help
keep the mind thinking clear
to keep my emotions in check
and keep out the fear.
All of life’s challanges,
so intimate and dear.
I had to let go
take to another path, to veer!
A few drops a day, is all, I say.
The past is fading,
through the healing
forgive one another
and forgive yourself.
For me, I have to say,
it started
letting go…
one drop at a time!

What one Essential Oil would I say has had the most profound effect on me? I would say, frankincense, naturally. Although there are so many other essential oils that crowd right up there.

Afraid to ask how to get it? Go here, click here! It sometimes is hard to take the first step in letting go, this has been a tremdous essential oil in helping me.

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