MnSue is Running Away from her Excuses Not To Exercise!

Hello & Welcome to MnSue’s read on Young Living Essential Oils. Enjoy and feel free to comment also! Time to write on the dreaded word, exercise.

Sue has not exercised in well over two year time frame, maybe close to three. I would make attempts and we will leave it at that! This time, I had in my mind I had to do something different. For years I have walked and would throw in different types of exercises from wii to dvd’s. None the less, I did exercise. Then came a point in my life I was so busy that I always had a reason not too. The problem with that, is it was hard to get back on the fast moving train, or so I thought in my head.  I had every excuse not to exercise, my ankles give out, my knee’s give in, I just cannot run, I cannot!!! Or so I thought. Until, one day, one of my friends was talking to me, I just kept giving him the same excuses, from the past, until I ran out of them. I ran myself into a corner, right into the exercise of running!

Over the years I have had friends and family who have gotten to jogging or running and loved it. The only thing was holding me back was that I would hear about how their ankles or knees would give out, they would get shin splints or whatever. Those got left in my mind and I thought, “the walking, now that is something so good to do and not get hurt by doing it.” It was a safe place for me to be. The one and only thing that really resonated with me in the many talks,was the repeated thought of how you get hooked on running. Sue could not imagine, ever being hooked on running, after hearing about the pain!

What I think was my problem was I was afraid.

I was afraid I would fall in love with running and be one of them dweebs running down the road, with sweat rolling off their back, staining the shirt, hair flying back and the head band on, nice and right! Oh dear! I never envisioned that one…yes I am now that but not quite for the same reasons!  The headband is too keep the breeze out of my ears and the insides going numb from the cold. Yes, I am getting old, am I not?  Soon I will have the bands around the wrist and the weights at the ankles! Then I can tell myself…you are a running dweeb! Whatever you do, Sue, do not look in the mirror, you may start laughing and never get out the door to run after all.

So, to get motivated, to get out the door everyday and exercise, what do we have to do?  To make it easy, picture something and make it your goal. We would hate to be on the run all the time, like Jerry but he sure does make life interesting, with all his running. By the way, Jerry sure does get his exercise entertaining us, now, hasn’t he? How about you, have you got your picture in mind, to wake up too, that gets you, up and moving? I do, I have mine…it’s the picture of “running out of excuses to exercise, I walked right into that one”.

MnSue leaving you to run in circles with your thoughts! “)

 The Panaway, Wintergreen and/or Ortho Ease sure come in handy to rub on those sort spots. The citrus oils; Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit or Citrus are great in water and keep me energized! Thank you, Young Living, your products are great! To purchase, click here!

I think I entertain the neighbors too with my running but probably not as much as Jerry!

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