In Honor of All The Families of the Fallen & who have served, Thank You Levi!

Hello, MnSue here wishing you all a Blessed Easter Day tomorrow with family and friends.  I just watched a video of a friend of the family who is doing a fantastic job in remembering all those who have served our country and those families of the the fallen soldiers.  I wish to share with you and […]

Raindrop Technique, The back with MnSue (Part 2)


Hello, MnSue here with the other half to the Raindrop Technique! The benefits of this technique are two fold; the giver and the receiver both use the essential oils at the same time!  I never dreamt I would enjoy giving the Raindrop as much as I do. Knowing I am helping those I love and […]

Raindrop Technique, Vita flex on feet first with MnSue


Hello, MnSue here! I am having a good time and cannot wait to hear your feedback on doing Raindrop on your family and friends. To date, just from the middle of January some time, I have done over 33 Raindrops on family and friends! Here is the first video on the vita flex, feet first! […]