Raindrop Technique, The back with MnSue (Part 2)

Hello, MnSue here with the other half to the Raindrop Technique! The benefits of this technique are two fold; the giver and the receiver both use the essential oils at the same time!  I never dreamt I would enjoy giving the Raindrop as much as I do. Knowing I am helping those I love and are close too, change their health one drop at a time makes for a passionate business! Enjoy the video and I look forward to hearing back from you!

I hoped you enjoyed it and learned how you can apply the Raindrop Technique in your everyday life, starting today!

This technique was developed by D. Gary Young, owner of Young Living Essential Oils. After doing 33+ after a few months time, I can tell for me, it has personally given me an edge with the therapeutic grade essential oils. My health has changed and I want to share what I have learned.

The oils when dropped along the spine, 6 inches above and then feathered into the back makes for a way to ones body to balance all the systems. The body heals itself when given the proper tools. Along the spine are energy impulses and the whole nervous system reaching out to all areas of the body. From having the raindrop done the oils then can decrease the inflammation and kill viruses that are harbored along the spine and possibly can straighten the spine. The combined two videos I have on the Raindrop Technique are less than 20 minutes but for me, typically takes around 50 minutes. I just want to take away the scare of “I cannot do this, I am not a massage therapist”. You can do this, for your family. I just say, be cautious of where you live and what the regulations are for your town, state or country when and if you are charging for giving the Raindrop Technique.

The Raindrop comes with 9 essential oil singles & blends along with Ortho Ease & V-6. In the kit you also get the tools like the dvd and the fold out quick chart.

MnSue leaving you to Enjoy the Raindrop!

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