Raindrop Technique, Vita flex on feet first with MnSue

Hello, MnSue here! I am having a good time and cannot wait to hear your feedback on doing Raindrop on your family and friends. To date, just from the middle of January some time, I have done over 33 Raindrops on family and friends!

Here is the first video on the vita flex, feet first!

Vitaflex (in my eyes) is a step up from reflexology. The benefits from vita flex is that you don’t need to dig in deep, to the body for relief. Which I know, when I had reflexology done, on two seperate occasions, I couldn’t hardly walk after and one of them the pain lasted for two days! Vita flex is less pressure which in turn is more relaxing. Too me, vita flex also, if I understand it right, opens up the energy paths through the body so your healing benefits are compounded with multiple healing effects in one raindrop alone!  For example, if one or multiple area’s of the body are weakened or injured the frequency of the body works with the energy from the oils, in numerous parts of the body. Not just the one injured area.

Stanley Burroughs, the man who created this therapy over a fifty year period, also wrote a book called, “Healing for the Age of Enlightment” and I cannot wait to read this and understand this form of therapy even better.

I just have to tell you, helping others with the therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living has made a difference in my life. I also know they have touched countless other lifes. How about yours?

MnSue leaving you
to find the passion
in your life
until the next time!

P.S. I can imagine, right about now you want the raindrop? Click here, to order your raindrop technique kit!

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