The “Daily Drip!” on Essential Oils from Young Living on Facebook

Hello, MnSue here welcome to my blog on Young Living Essential Oils. My passion is to share what I learn. Therefore, I guess I can call myself a teacher, hey? Okay, my dry humor is setting in, as I get ready for this blog.

Life is about Sharing!
I want to share with you, that over on facebook, on my page I have been giving out tips and tricks on using the Young Living Essential Oils. I have started to call it, the “Daily Drip!”  Here I will drip out the tips and tricks on using, enjoying, testimonials and questions on essential oils.

Feedback from YOU!
How can you get them daily drips? You can head on over to my facebook page, which is the white box with the blue strip across the top,(hint: facebook, is printed in blue strip) to the left of my blog, on the website, Click on the box, you will be over there in a jiffy!  Feel free to comment over there. I love feedback!

 leaving you to
head on over to
“like” my page
and be a friend.
Not too much work,
 just a few
buttons to push
share a thought
and follow the trend.

At 250 “likes” on my facebook page,, I will be drawing one lucky name from all those friends, over there and giving them the lil’ jewel of an essential oil called, “Progessence Plus” that helps chase those 7 PMS dwarfs away.

So, remember, all you have to do is go to the facebook page, through the link on the left side of my blog, hit the “like” button and you are done.

Or are you? You can add a comment or two, after reading, of course, my “daily drip!”

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  1. I love your Daily Drip postings on Facebook…I should really comment more…keep them coming!

  2. Thank you, just love feedback. I am so glad to hear that from you Crystal.

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