What do Thieves and Essential Oils Have in Common? Young Living or is that Younger Living?

Hello, MnSue here!

I am having so much fun with Young Living Essential Oils, it is hard to know which oil to talk about first or keep you entertained with. Today, I thought, I have to get back to talking about the Thieves® blend of essential oils. Why…they can tackle so many issues from strep throat to mold in & out of your home to black permanent marker removal off the wall. Multiple ways to use Thieves Essential Oils today, everyday!

How did the Thieves® blend of essential oils come about? In history of France we are told that there once was a band of thieves who anoited themselves with multiple aromatics. Those we heard for sure were; cloves & cinnamon. They put them on before robbing their plagued victims. The thieves did not get sick and they were forced to give up their secret! Young Living’s, Thieves® blend of essential oils was based off this famous ancient story.

Young Living’s Thieves® blend of essential oils has an exclusive blend of pure clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and Eucalyptus radiata. Thieves has been tested university settings and found to be 99.6 percent effective at killing airborne bacteria.Thieves was proven to be highly anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic. Due to this products amazing results, Young Living has come out with a line of Thieves® blend of essential oils in a home & body solutions line. In this line they have;

  • Thieves Cleansing Bar Soap
  • Thieves Dentarome Toothpastes
  • Thieves Dental Floss
  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • Thieves Mouthwash
  • Thieves Hard Lozenges
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Thieves Soft Lozenges
  • Thieves Spray
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
  • Thieves Wipes

There are well over a hundred different uses for these products. Here is a list of many, which I cannot list all of them in this blog today but for starters, this will do. 🙂
  1. Black Permanent Marker ~ spray on area, wipe off with paper towel.
  2. Acne ~ start with washing with hand foamer, then spray or drop oil on a cotton round and apply to face. For extra measure add one drop to tongue of essential oil.
  3. Diffusing ~to cut down on airborne germs to keep colds/flu’s/sinuses at bay, to get rid of mold in home, stimulate feelings of happiness in the home, school or work.
  4.  Hand foamer ~ to wash away germs from hands, face & body, again can be used at home, work or work out, daycare centers where there are lots of bodies, daily! :0
  5. Cuts/Wounds ~ Drop mixed with V-6 and put on it. Even dogs, cats & larger pets.
  6. Herpes ~ drop on tongue daily, if doesn’t go away and persistant go to two or more.
  7. Shingles ~ mix 50 -50 with V-6 and apply on area.
  8. Cold/flu ~ add to an ounce or two of NingXia Red with 3-4 drops every few hours. You will feel amazing.
  9. Toothache ~ drop one or two drops on tooth.
  10. Stop Smoking ~ drop or two on tongue, daily.
  11. Apply to feet so not to pick up others germs ~ can be done at night. I prefer to spray on V-6 in my hand, 3 shots with one to two drops, rub hands together and apply to opposite feet and go to bed!
  12. Fungus ~ wash first with foamer & then spray area daily, until gone, then a few more times afterwards.
  13. Sore anyone? ~ spray on area & rub into the skin, do as often as it comes, great for arthritis and joint pain.
  14. Carpet Cleaning ~ few drops in each bucket of water as you clean.
  15. Head colds, sinuses and other infections ~ 2 drops in a capsule or on tongue, multiple times a day for up problem going away. Cut back to one drop a day for few days.
  16. Keep healthy ~ daily take one drop on tongue, also helps with your voice and throat issues.
  17. Cleaning ~ all over, everywhere! From stove & fridge, to bathtub (great added to baking soda for scrubbing), laundry, drop on dryer vent, wherever you wish. Drop or two in mop water, dishwasher, hand washing dishes, counters (love to spray with mix of distilled water and household cleaner), window, walls, carpet and more. Another blog, another time! 🙂
  18. Relief from Lymes, MS and more ~ few drops in a capsule, daily. More often if a severe.
  19. Flying? ~ Great to spray your area, so you and others do not get sick. 🙂 Ask if the ones close to you don’t mind before doing, otherwise apply to tongue and sides of nose! Or the lozenges also, work.
  20. Toilet seats, handles or other places that the public uses ~spray or use the wipes before using! Also at home before and after guest.

Now can you see why it is soo hard to find a favorite product, within the Young Living’s line? There are so many beneficial ones that it is hard to choose what to blog about.  I enjoy learning so much on these products that to share them with you is a treat for me!

Now, you have to use them to make them effective. Reading about them will not help unless you apply the knowledge, is that not so? So, you wonder what does one start with in the Thieves line of products? They have their “Start Living with Thieves (Enrollment) Kit”  or if you are already a distributor or customer, they have the “Thieves” kit( #3697). 

Are you ready to order them?  Click on these words to go get them!

We use these products in our home daily and I am so thankful to have found this company and it’s products that work!

MnSue leaving you
to go clean with the Thieves!