Work At Home Mom (WAHM)? Having Passion Yet?

MnSue here and loving what I do! I am a work at home mom, learning all the time and training on what I do know! I can never seem to get enough! Many times I am sending one of my business friends, new links, saying, “oh my, just check this out!” I am sure she is just smiling! 
Why, you are wondering, am I bringing up “passion in business”? I will tell you, have you ever talked with someone about their business and they are not excited? They are not using their company’s product? They seem to not find the joy in what they are doing? Oh, my. Ramp up the passion, as we can all feel your energy, which is nothing I am not being negative, I am being passionate. If you cannot be passionate about what you are doing, why are YOU doing it? Is it all about the money?  We all need money but it should not be your driving force, as everyone can tell, if not smell that about you.
Passion has a place in everything we do.  My gosh, I tell myself daily…okay, now you need to be not giving away everything but as I am, I am thinking, “I love these products so much, I can see the benefits of them and cannot imagine why anyone would not see that, so here you go! Try it out.” I have to tone it done as I am sure it scares them away just as bad as the one with no energy behind the frozen smile.
I am constantly trying out different products in the company I believe in, finding multiple ways to use them. I love that the products I use & sell, are top of the line, therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living.  I love that one can just about replace their first aid kit, all the way down to the band aids, with my line of products. Why would that excite one? Oh, my. Another story, another time. 
Back to passion, I have to tell you when you get results like mine; you cannot help but be passionate.  After losing my gift shop, a little over a year ago, I almost lost myself with it. I have never been down in the dumps, so bad, so long.  Oh, I could put the smile on my face and keep the chin up, while deep underneath, my surface of the smile, my heart, was shattering to pieces.  I have to tell you; with Young Living’s oils (especially Frankincense) it helped me put the pieces back together. I didn’t believe they could help me to the extent they did, but I went 5 days without them and found out quick, it was the product helping me.  My passion for these products is solid. My passion for life is back; my passion to help others feel even, an ounce of what I felt is my driving force. 
There is no reason to not find YOUR passion. Help enough people get results and you cannot help get results yourself.  Every one of us can raise our hands, to someone we love struggling with health and/or finance issues, within this economy.  Why not help them, get their passion back?  Why not show them your passion, in whatever it is, you do? 
Don’t give up on them. Share your passion as one friend shared with me, never giving up on them. I had every excuse in the book, from finances to not believing the product will work this time, for whatever reason. I finally bit the hook on the end of the fishing line, after months of her, baiting the line and having patience. Go fishing, bait the hook and let your passion show on the end of the line. 
I thank God she didn’t give up on me, my passion is back and I am ready to share! Are you ready?  Let’s go fishing! Why not together?
MnSue, stay at home mom! Passionately, telling you to share your story, tell me how you got your passion on your line of business! 
Want a little get up and go? Click here to order frankincense. 
 P.S.S. Seriously leave your story for us to share. I just love hearing from others (including the guys) from all walks of life. Us mothers, cannot help when the Passion rises to the “cream of the top!”
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