P.S. I am having fun with this little experiment…you can too!


Hello, MnSue here bringing you a fun story on my family. 🙂 I recently have been diffusing a few different essential oils in our home. I love to experiment with these oils, I just have way to much fun with them! I have been diffusing different essential oils at different times and seeing how it changes our homes atmosphere. […]

Smell, #1 Fastest Way to Absorb Essential Oils


Hello, MnSue here on Young Living Essential Oils. I have been enjoying the Young Living Essential Oils and all their benefits. I never would have guessed, some years back, that I would be so active and so excited to share what I learn and help you understand essential oils. There are multiple ways of using Essential […]

Super Bugs & MRSA? Can Essential Oils Wipe Them Out?


Hello, MnSue here and loving it! I have heard so much lately on the Super Bugs and MRSA (the antibiotic resistant bacteria found in hospitals) that it almost feels hopeless to step into any facility that seems to help one get better these days! But wait a minute, did I hear right? Essential Oils have […]