3 Tips on How To Find a Home Based Business by MnSue

Hello MnSue here! I just have to laugh at how my day went. I have been doing youtube video’s now for a little over a month and I just realized I need to blog about this, as it is kind of humorous.

I am a stay at home mom (mum as they say in England and Australia) and usually can get my quiet stuff done before the kids come home and the dog then starts her barking and wants to play. Well, it was one of them days, that every other video take, the dog would bark, the phone would ring, the cell would beep or I would get distracted by something not quite right in the background and stop the video. After about 40 of them kind of videos, me sitting in my dress all day, (a stay at home mom, who lives in jeans or jogging pants) it hit me really funny! I was determined to do this video, as I have been putting it off, with the “to do” list a mile long and this was one of them with a deadline aways off.   Over six hours later, I had a slight feel to what it is like in the movies and decided, they can have it. My hair was having to get redone, the lights were making me hot, the camera was off, the taping was not getting my voice.  Ahh, no wonder it wasn’t getting my voice, after repeating myself for six hours straight, who would even have a voice left?

Anyways, this is not my typically day with a video take, thankfully! Otherwise this would not have been my eleventh one out there. It would have been my last.

Here you go, those 3 tips are in this video…let me know what you think.

MnSue had a fun day over all, knowing I have shared with others some tips on what to look for in a home based business. As a stay at home mom, I can say this has been an amazing learning curve with online business and it has helped me spread the passion one can have in their business.
I enjoy what I do? How about you? I can show you the ease of the business, you just have to take the first step and start.
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