MnSue’s 3 tips on blogging!

Hello, MnSue here with another voice, the voice of blogging. Why do I bring up blogging when I have been blogging about Essential Oils? I love to read others blogs on many areas of interest. I have hobbies and business interest and read everyday on something that pertains to my business, other than the weekend. I have read hundreds and hundreds of feeds, if not thousands. Oh, my and also videos. Videos will be another day but the reason I am writing on blogging is simply one word,”passion”. Do you have passion about what you are doing? Do you have enough passion to write weekly if not a few times in a week?

I just read Tia’s “10 beginner blogging mistakes to avoid” and I have to agree with her on passion. I have written on it before and I want to do it again. Why waste your time in a business you have no passion about as others can tell in a heart beat? I have read some fantastic blogs that you can tell are beginners but also some that have been around for a while and it didn’t matter to me. But one thing I can tell in a jiffy, is that either they are passionate or not.

How do I chose to follow someone? They do not always have to have passion but if the content is midicor or doesn’t pertain to my lot in life…I pile on and almost never go back.

Grab their attention and hold it.
You do not have to be an expert but if you like what you are doing, almost all of us can tell, so be yourself. You will hold our attention and we will come back, if it interest us. Just like this lovely picture, grabbed my heart. Your writing has your style, your gifts and your stamp of “art” on it too.  Also remember, you will not grab everyone’s attention, so that is okay also. Just focus on the ones that like your style and information, keep them coming back with your great blogs!

Keep it Simple and too the point.
I don’t care if it is 20 minute blog or 2 minute blog. I will read it and enjoy it, if I have read others of this blogger and liked them. If it is long, I save it for later, sometimes I even print it off. I did that the other day on a really good one that was amazingly long. But the blogger had a variety of information, given simply for anyone to understand and I wanted to learn, on health. I learned about 10 different tips in it with links to more information, not just his.

Give us a reason to come back!
Please do not bombard me with advertisements, emails, private messages, junk mail via snail mail and more. But give me a reason to want to learn, give me something that makes me say, “Wow, they did this for me!” Whether it was a tip, or direction or a call to action or whatever. Let me be in charge, where I am in the process of learning. Yet, don’t give up on me, if I am a newbie or I have so much to do, I cannot keep. Just give me a reason to come back!

I have wanted to write again on tips for blogging as I have seen so many blogs out there with so many interesting hobbies and niches and wanted to share them with you. So fun to see the different gifts there is in writing out there!

Here are a list of some great blogs and their niches:
Mari Smith, Social Marketing, Speaker  ~ practical, profitable social media, Minnesota
Jeff Wisuri, Online Affiliate Sites & Networking MLM’s
Crystal Lee, Photography, Minnesota
Tyler Sturos, Photography, (my 18 year old son, just starting out), Minnesota
Nicole Siljander, Custom Photo Cards & Photo Enhancements
Kendra Jean, Photography, Arizona
Jessica Kesti, Room for Nine Blog, Arizona
Steve Lehto, Lawyer on the Lemon Law & cars, Michigan
Kaylen Horsma, painting, Northern Minnesota
Levi Aho, biker, Arizona
Hand made hats & accessories, Virginia
Darren Rowse, make money online, blogging, technology
Jack Humphrey, Social Blogging

Just a few of ones I really like out there. Also, feel free to let them know I sent you, as they don’t know! 🙂 So fun to know when others do great work and get others to take note and give them a plug on it! Give them feedback and let them know what you liked or didn’t like, we all can stand to have improvement!

MnSue leaving you to go and learn from all of them!
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  1. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful blogs, including mine, I appreciate it. I’m new at blogging, I’m not a writer, but a photographer, so the words are usually few and the photos many…and I hope that interests some. As far as passion goes…You have it! It’s visable in each of your blog posts, I love that about you.