Orange You Happy Sunshine? Essential Oils Can do that to you!

Hello, MnSue here with another read on Essential Oils and what the powerful punch they can do for you! Talk about punch, one of my all time favorites in the summertime, here in Minnesota, with corn on the cob, grilled kabobs and summer breezes is some type of a Citrus Drink! My absolute fav is the blending of lemon and oranges. I make a gallon of juice by taking about 5-6 lemons, squeezing them through the citrus squeezer and then about the same in oranges. Add one cup of sugar or a mix of some sort of sweetener that equals the one cup of sugar( agave, xylitol, honey).  Then fill the pitcher with ice cold water to equal a gallon.

How summertime refreshing is that? Now I am even more excited when adding a drop or two of lemon or orange essential oils to your own cup of citrus drink, it packs even more of a powerful punch of sunshine. Or too me, it does, anyway. Have fun and slip in a drop of peppermint oil also, into your glass.  Ahhh, how refreshing!

Lemon Essential Oil works on anxiety, blood pressure, helping to dissolve cellulite, clarity of thought (oh boy need about a gallon with the neighbors dog barking, nonstop), energy, gallstones, hair (cleansing), liver deficiencies in children, lymphatic system, memory improvement, nails to strengthen and harden, nerves, it is also known for its anticanceral benefits, antidepressant, antiseptic, anti fungal, antioxidant, antiviral, astringent, refreshing and more. This works very closely to the orange, wouldn’t you say?  Must be the citrus that packs such a great punch?

Orange Essential Oil works on digestive, immunity, emotional balance and skin. It seems that it can help you with your appetite( I think I have one, orange you working great orange!), antidepressant, antiseptic, sedative. The French love it’s medicinal use for complexion, baby colic, colds/bronchitis, insomnia, menopause, cardiac spasm, angina(false) and palpitation. The French really know a great product, do they not?

Both the lemon and orange are a citrus oil taken from the rind of the fruit. They both should not be taken 12 hours before going outside, in particular, applied neat to the skin.

As you can tell they both have similar properties and benefits to the body. I really enjoy using the different citrus essential oils in diffusing, in particular with Thieves, purification, frankincense and various others.  They work great in cutting down food smells after cooking or baking. They can uplift one when diffused, when feeling low or depressed. I love to apply it neat to the palm of my hand and breathe in deep for a few seconds. Then rub the extra over my stomach for aid in digestion…love not to waste these precious gems! 

Any of the citrus essential oils are also fantastic blended with other essential oils for bathing. One of my favorites is to blend lemon or orange in with lavender for bath salts or gel, into the tub before going to bed. The smell is so awesome and uplifting after a long day.

The warmth of the water further promotes: Relaxing of the muscles, balances emotions, enhances your skin, loosens the cough, lowering of a fever, helpful in woman’s issues young or old alike. It even blends beautifully well with frankincense and packs a further punch with skin, emotions, spirituality, depression, immunity, muscle issues and of course over all relaxation!

Cannot get a bath in? Take these above oils mix them in with a good vegetable oil like, olive oil or Young Living’s V-6 oil and keep in a glass spray bottle. Spray on body and let them be on for a few minutes, take a very warm shower and the water will drive the oils in further, like the bath but not as much.  Otherwise, spray on after the shower and leave on, the warmth of the body will drive the oils in and be further utilized in sleeping. I love to layer the oils on before sleeping, on my feet.  Tip! Olive oil or V-6 oil is a great oil for the skin, a moisturiser without being too greasy.

Oh, all right, you say…I don’t even have time to spray them on! What you don’t have time to take care of yourself? Remember, if you don’t care for yourself now, you will later but in a different manner and more than likely a bigger price tag.

In baking/cooking, I have replaced the lemon juice, with lemon oil & water. Same with orange.  Just keep in mind, you may have to use a tooth pick and dip it in the oil, as the amounts are so much more potent in oil form than juice form. Lemon essential oil has been great on fish. Just add lemon oil to vegetable oil, and other spices and marinate your fish in the oil for a few minutes. Delicious! When making whip cream fresh, again dip a tooth pick in your favorite citrus oil and add to whip cream and top on strawberry shortcake, cut fruit or other citrus cakes. Awesome on upside down pineapple cake! The benefits of those oils are amazing.  This will be your pleasant surprise when they take a bite out of the whip cream and wonder what where you bought it.

Orange you Happy Sunshine with the uses of these citrus Essential Oils? I sure am. Now MnSue can get her citrus in without getting too many cantankerous citrus sores around the mouth!

I hope you are learning to enjoy them as much as I am…MnSue leaving you to go and swirl the toothpick around your favorite oil and start incorporating it in with your food today!

What, no citrus oils you say, in your cupboard today? No problem, MnSue has it right here for you, with no delay!  Feel free and order today!
?’s just dial away..763.370.2246 MnSue is here, Yah!!!

Citrus Oils are my kick right now, they just make one feel like summertime is here to stay!

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  1. The Orange Essential Oil soounds great…I just placed an order for Lemon Oil and Grapefruit Oil…I know I love the Lemon, we’ll see what I think about the Grapefruit…

  2. MNSue gave us some great ideas for using the Citrus oils. You can also add these same oils to make an absolutely wonderful Ningxia Red drink. Place a couple drops of Orange, Lemon, or Grapefruit oil on some ice cubes to preserve the flavor. Add 2-4 ounces Ningxia Red and then fill your glass with water. Another thought might be to add Ningxia Red to the summer drink that MNSue mentioned. Thanks MNSue!