P.S. I am having fun with this little experiment…you can too!

Hello, MnSue here bringing you a fun story on my family. πŸ™‚

I recently have been diffusing a few different essential oils in our home. I love to experiment with these oils, I just have way to much fun with them! I have been diffusing different essential oils at different times and seeing how it changes our homes atmosphere.

I really had to laugh, the last couple of days when I have been diffusing a few different oils, as an experiment. In the morning, I like to put citrus fresh, peppermint (uplifting and energizing) and frankincense/purification in the diffuser. If I put them going during the evening, I switch out to lavender and take out the peppermint, as a calming, relaxing essential oil, with four teenage boys. πŸ™‚ I just have the diffuser going on the counter, in the kitchen, as where do most boys like to hang out? Next to the food right? Shucks and I always thought it was their mom!! πŸ˜‰

It is so fun to see them feeling good, joking around and having a good time. So good, that they went and chased one boy out of bed by a group hug this morning!!! I got laughing at this one.  Since when do boys do this? Mine anyway, never give their bro’s a hug, that is way to macho for them. πŸ™‚ I love to see this side of them.

I too have felt a difference with diffusing Young Living essential oils. I love having them.

Yesterday we were trying to inhale the lovely essential oils as they came out of the diffuser and see who could hold the diffused essential oils in the longest without coughing…my lungs got a workout. My throat could feel the citrus oil and my tongue could taste it. This is similar to a nebulizer in a sense but since we don’t have one,  this is the next best thing!

The boys loved to let the moisturized air into their lungs and then close their mouth, lift their face up and poof out the moisture….just like clouds, coming out of their mouth. It was a good time and I felt awesome.

By the way, citrus fresh essential oil is one well known trick to feel good, fast.

I told the boys that it is so fun to be with them. Life can get so busy we forget to take these little moments and have good times.

By the way, the boys didn’t even grumble when we went to weed the strawberry patch, at least out loud, or around me. We got it all done and I was so happy to know we can at least attempt to get fresh, home grown strawberries. I was excited to see them little white flowers, all over the patch. Little bunnies and birdies…please find some other food, okay? You are so cute but we would like them berries too!

Take time, enjoy life and your loved ones.

MnSue leaving you to have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!
Thank you, to all, across our great nation who have sacrificed
for our great country! Without you, where would we be!?

P.S. I think the experiment with citrus fresh essential oil is working at uplifting the lives in our household, what do you think?

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I look forward to helping you!

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  1. Actually, mom, I chased YOU out of my bed with a hug. I didn’t get out until later!