3 Tips on How To Find a Home Based Business by MnSue


Hello MnSue here! I just have to laugh at how my day went. I have been doing youtube video’s now for a little over a month and I just realized I need to blog about this, as it is kind of humorous. I am a stay at home mom (mum as they say in England […]

Graduation, a Moment in Time with MnSue


Hello, MnSue here! With the ending of the school year again in sight, one knows that graduation parties start up. What a beautiful moment for graduate and family. A milestone in the young person’s life.  A moment in time, to capture the essence within pictures and video. Graduates can be a little excited, what next? They […]

MnSue’s 3 tips on blogging!


Hello, MnSue here with another voice, the voice of blogging. Why do I bring up blogging when I have been blogging about Essential Oils? I love to read others blogs on many areas of interest. I have hobbies and business interest and read everyday on something that pertains to my business, other than the weekend. I […]