Super Bugs & MRSA? Can Essential Oils Wipe Them Out?

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I have heard so much lately on the Super Bugs and MRSA (the antibiotic resistant bacteria found in hospitals) that it almost feels hopeless to step into any facility that seems to help one get better these days!

But wait a minute, did I hear right? Essential Oils have been researched on going worldwide, even Young Living’s owner Gary Young, has for years researched the benefits of Essential Oils and shared his results with us. It is so amazing to see these studies coming out of many hospitals, schools, research labs and elsewhere, what Essential Oils are doing for us, to benefit all of us, personally and globally.

They have been used for centuries and even talked about in Biblical times. Why is it, that we, as very liberated countries are so slow sometimes in seeing what is in front of us? Why are doctors not wanting to share these amazing results and letting their clients know what a simple alternative is out there?

Here is an awesome read from Craig Brown, on the humble oils and the super bugs.

Craig goes on to show us that we need to address this concern further. I love this excerpt from his article;

“Not only are essential oils a cheap and effective treatment option for antibiotic-resistant strains, but decreased use of antibiotics will help minimise the risk of new strains of antibiotic resistant micro-organisms emerging,” said Prof Samaras.

The Greek team believes essential oils could have diverse medical and industrial applications which can be used both external or internally.”

 Another great article of Hospitals using Young Living Essential Oils;

Still another fantastic one on how Thieves Essential Oil affects MRSA;

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I believe we have come to a time where one must start from the bottom up. Getting rid of all the extra’s that do not help us in our personal care regimes at home, too stay healthy as a family.

Then going to all natural and organic products one can trust where the source is coming from. Young Living Essential Oils have external and internal labs that verify the product is pure, unadulturated and therapeutic grade essential oils. From seed to seal, the product is verified.

I love that what I am using in my home, helps for a more healthy home to raise my family in. It takes time and start with the basics. The kit below is called, “Thieves“. You can buy Thieves products, individually also. Look at the link below. at all the products Young Living carries, you will be amazed.

Start today by making the first step in a more healthier home by ordering here:

Enjoy the benefits with your family, one Essential Oil at a time!

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change to natural products,
healthwise, it pays!

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