Essential Oils Greasy? :0 What do YOU think?


Hello, MnSue here! I am sure I will get a chuckle or two out of this blog post! Some of you are going to say, “Is Sue stupid or what?” Of course they are oily, they are oils. Well, one of the misconceptions with oil is that all oils are greasy and clog pores. Remember […]

Peppermint Essential Oil and How YOU can use it!


Hello, MnSue here! Enjoying this beautiful weather we are having in the midwest. Bringing you the next in my blogging series on Young Living’s Essential Oils. Peppermint Essential Oil is an oil that has been around for a long time, like many of them but a little more well known. It is a great essential oil to give […]

What all does MnSue do with Young Living?


Hello, MnSue here again! How are you doing? Missing them blog posts? I have been missing writing them but researching alot on many different areas to make things better for everyone! I am not sure if I have mentioned what all we are working on with the essential oils with Young Living. I currently have […]