Emotions, Accidents, Abuse, Anger and Essential Oils? What do these have in common?

MnSue here and wanting to share some tips on how to deal with physical or personal loss due to accidents, abuse, physcological behavior and essential oils. Essential oils can help one deal with all; emotions, tragedy, abuse and anger.

When one looks at them you have to question, why would I, Sue, talk about them with the essential oils? As, I too have had to deal with a lot of stress in my recent past, 

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler wrote in the their book “On Grief and Grieving” about the five steps of dealing with grief, “denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance” we find there is an emotional component in all of them. They may not happen in that order and sometimes a person can get stuck on one of these steps. Many times it is an emotional component one cannot let go.

I have experienced a number of loses which include; loss of a loved one, loss of my job, business and home, as well as dealing with teenage children behaviors all at one time. Having these multiple stressors to cope with has been a challenge for me and my family. Many thanks to Essential Oils they have helped me cope with the physical and mental challanges that I have experienced. 

Using essential oils, from Young Living, has helped bring peace with these losses . I have felt I can get through my days and work through whatever is coming my way. I can grow with them, instead of burrowing my head like a ostrich in the sand. Keep in mind, I said dealing with them. I did not say they disappear. Many times we think that if we just talk about our loss (with a close friend or therapist) poof, they are gone. Sorry, not so. In life we have triggers that bring up the past. Life triggers can come from a picture of something that reminds you of your past. This trigger moment could be good, it could be bad. Regardless, it is a “life triggering moment” that pulls back the past.

This last week, my daughter and I, went to my niece’s grave.

This visit triggered memories. The memories were flooding in of her suffering through sickness so often and the few ways of communication she had. The memory of me reading a book to her, shortly before her passing away, in January of that year. How she smiled and loved the interaction, she just loved whatever time you gave her, her eyes just sparkled. I remembered the poem I wrote and the angel we gave for her family. I think of her footsteps pattering as an angel, watching over all of us. We were so blessed to have her here, reminding us of the simplicities in life, what makes life a blessing. Angel Sarah.

These are all trigger moments from the grave site .

Now comes, “how does one deal with them triggers?”.

There are multiple ways to deal with “triggers”. How I found to cope with these trigger moments is by talking or thinking through them and using the essential oils. The oils healing powers have helped pull out those toxins of the triggered moments of buried emotions and/or stressers that are pent up inside you. I don’t feel I have really struggled through this release of emotions, they just have released themselves as I have used the essential oils. One time it was through crying. A few times it has been calming and uplifting, realizing God is here, guiding. Others it is just thinking through them and letting them go. All of these things that arose during my emotional healing, I have felt I have dealt with. Again, everyone deals with it differently, that is why there are therapist. What works for me, may not for you. I just want you to know there are options of dealing through all of those moments that brings on the emotional pain.

 I am thankful for these Essential oils. I am Appreciative of my path and what the oils have done for me. I am thankful for those who have shared these fantastic products, that have been a part of my healing process in the five steps of grieving, in my many losses. To know that emotions play a part in healing and I can let go, instead of struggling like I did for so long.

Thank you, to all my family and my friends for believing in me. For being there, without you, life would be so bare.

Let go and be free. As the momma bird who helps her young by pushing them out of the nest, you too can push out all that anger, fear, denial, depression and bargaining to get ahead in life, out of the nest. You can begin accepting where you are and be who you are, right now. The momma bird would want nothing more, nothing less. Take your wings and fly.

MnSue sharing with you, the walk
of emotional pain I traveled through.
Until one has had those trying times
we cannot begin to know the pain of others.
Accept where you are, love for moment
Have passion, have life
live and let go.