Essential Oils Greasy? :0 What do YOU think?

Hello, MnSue here!

I am sure I will get a chuckle or two out of this blog post! Some of you are going to say, “Is Sue stupid or what?” Of course they are oily, they are oils.

Well, one of the misconceptions with oil is that all oils are greasy and clog pores. Remember essential oils are a bit different.  It is in the fact that they are smaller in molecule size then most oils and absorb fairly quickly for the matter, into the skin. There are some of them, that are, no getting around that. Think about it, how can they cross a blood brain barrier if they are not small enough? Well some of them can and do.

Some of them are thicker, like Valor and when they go on and are not as easily absorbed but work well for the area they need too. Valor is one great product that I love to use for my neck and ear area for loosening up muscles and self adjusting themselves.

Many of them can be drying, so that is why I love to add Young Living’s V-6 oil blend in a spray bottle and spray my hand with the V-6 and then drop the essential oils I am going to use into the V-6, in the hand. I then swirl all the oils, in my palm,with pointer finger from opposite hand, and apply. This way, the skin doesn’t get so dried out.

I got over the problem of few with the thicker essential oils, as to the thought, one drop will do ya! That’s all! You do not need a bottle poured on the spot to resolve an issue. So when you apply the one drop, is that really a problem with those few oils that tend to be thicker?

 Not to me, the benefits far outway the small problem.

Enjoy your essential oils and remember, you don’t need to go around smelling like perfume factory . As even I don’t like an overdose! One’s scent of smell gets overloaded and cannot keep up!

Just a drop will do ya!

MnSue leaving you to go enjoy the summer!

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