House cleaning anyone? Dust out the negative cobwebs from the brain!

Hello, MnSue here!

I have been working daily and sometime momentarily on keeping positive in all things. I am working diligently on thinking positive and saying positive. Sometimes it can be very trying in the most unexpected ways! Aromatherapy for me, has been very beneficial and one can feel the benefits relatively quickly.

I have been diffusing citrus fresh along with peppermint in the morning and then switch out to lavender in the evening. Why am I bringing up essential oils with staying positive?  To me, they are crucial in helping one feel good and uplifted. You can read my other blog post,

“Smell, #1 Fastest Way to Absorb Essential Oil”

I discribed how the limbic system in the brain is so intune with scent. This all ties together with how one feels at any given moment. For example if your mother baked when you were younger, whatever food she baked, then that particular scent would bring back those memories, good or bad. Later in life, whenever you smelled the aroma of that one food, whatever you felt then, you will feel now. For me it was breads, rolls and pies mostly in my home growing up, that I remember. Then at Christmas time it was Prune Tarts, Cookies and Fruit Soup or Sauce over Creamy Rice.  So whenever I smell any one of them scents, I have lovely memories.

Studies have shown that anything citrus (Bergamot, Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Thieves, Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lime, Limette, Mandarin, Neroli, Abundance, Christmas Spirit, Deep Relief, Dream Catcher, Envision, Gentle Baby, GLF, Harmony, Inner Child, Into the Future, Joy, Lady Sclareol, Longevity, Peace & Calming, SARA, Surrender, Transformation)   has a very subtle but fantastic aroma for uplifting one’s mood. So if you feel down and out, remember the sense of smell is the fastest and number one way to absorb essential oils. On that fact then, diffusing essential oils seems the most logical and most beneficial to not just you but those around you, also. Peppermint/Spearmint are energizing and uplifting. Cinnamon Bark is another essential oil that is terrific for mood enhancement and also enhances other essential oils. Cinnamon bark can be used by itself or as it is in many of the Young Living products; Thieves, Christmas Spirit, Egyptian Gold, Exodus II, Gathering, Highest Potential, Lazarus & Magnify Your Purpose.

Tip: Cinnamon bark or the mint essential oils,can also be added to the citrus ones above as another option to diffuse in your aromatherapy. 

So now that you have learned a tip or two from this post, I would love to share one day out of my many since I have been working so hard on shaking those cobwebs out of the brain that have been holding those words and thoughts that hold us back and feed on negativity!

One morning I woke up, doing my “inside” brain chatter of positive sayings such as, ” I am going to have a beautiful day, I am going to get my list in my day planner done, I am feeling awesome…” as I got out of bed, I picked up the box my son wanted shipped out in the mail. The box was big enough that I could not see around it and the carpet is deep green in front of me, to blend all things dark. As those positive sayings are swirling in my head, I promptly stepped in doggie dodo, coming out of my bedroom and into the hallway. Talk about trying moment. Sue caught herself, ready to get mad at the dog (the dog hasn’t ever done her work of art in this house before) and I started telling myself, “get back on track and don’t get negative”. So I did my talk all the way through cleaning it up (with Thieves Household Cleaner from a spray bottle), and thankfully not throwing up in it!

Then my son had left out his cheetos, in the afternoon. I normally do not eat chips only as a side to a dish, sometimes. Anyway, I was caught cheating on my diet! I had taken a handful of my son’s cheetos and was in the process of munching away when all of a sudden my mouth was on fire! Oh my gosh! Are my son’s applying there tricks already and summer vacation has only just started? Then I reached for the bag and read, “fire hot” cheetos or something like that. My eyes were watering and I could hardly stand to finish eating the few I had in my mouth. Oh did this lady catch herself again…”Sue, do not get upset, finish eating the mouthful and throw the rest in your hand away. Think positive.”

Later in the day, I am still working on this self help course. Yes, can you believe it? Hahaha! Sue, working on staying positive and not getting frustrated? Okay, so one thing after another was thrown at me that day, to try change my course of thought. I told myself,” Stop it! Change the channel” so often that day you would have thought I was fiddling with the radio dial on the stereo, in the living room, all day long.

No, I am not loosing it, upstairs. Or, er, what a minute. I am loosing it upstairs. I am loosing the negativity and getting the postive thoughts to stick finally. Good riddance you dusty cobwebs of negativity. Being negative just stinks!

Welcome in lovely thoughts.
It is good to dream again.
It feels great to be on the healing mend.
I can change the channels
I can disperse those sad and bad thoughts
to feel myself again,
lovely and so blessed.

Yes, we all need to house clean. Not just the physical one around us, but the one inside us too. Emotionally, most importantly. Dusting them cobwebs internally helps to make room for the good things and thoughts in our lives.

MnSue leaving you to go work on the internal dusting!

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  1. Hey Sue, its been awhile since I’ve been here. Don’t remember if I knew you from TSA or where. Anyway, this is some very beneficial info I didn’t know about. I like burning incense and drinking herbal tea. What about Vanilla? and that calming smell people talk about all the time, Chamomile or something? What do you think about that? Hey, it was great to run into your blog again Sue. Please stop back by one of my blogs sometime soon. Blessings, Curt