House cleaning anyone? Dust out the negative cobwebs from the brain!


Hello, MnSue here! I have been working daily and sometime momentarily on keeping positive in all things. I am working diligently on thinking positive and saying positive. Sometimes it can be very trying in the most unexpected ways! Aromatherapy for me, has been very beneficial and one can feel the benefits relatively quickly. I have […]

Why Young Living Essential Oils for MnSue and family?


Hello, MnSue here! Enjoying days of summer sunshine, green grass, going barefoot, grilling out on the deck, camping and the fresh summer breeze! It is that time of year again that the good old outside beckons for one to come into! Makes one feel good and enjoy these times! As in Minnesota, we get the […]

Emotions, Accidents, Abuse, Anger and Essential Oils? What do these have in common?


MnSue here and wanting to share some tips on how to deal with physical or personal loss due to accidents, abuse, physcological behavior and essential oils. Essential oils can help one deal with all; emotions, tragedy, abuse and anger. When one looks at them you have to question, why would I, Sue, talk about them […]