Peppermint Essential Oil and How YOU can use it!

Hello, MnSue here! Enjoying this beautiful weather we are having in the midwest. Bringing you the next in my blogging series on Young Living’s Essential Oils.

Peppermint Essential Oil is an oil that has been around for a long time, like many of them but a little more well known. It is a great essential oil to give you a boost of energy in the morning or throughout the day! You can diffuse Peppermint with other essential oils and/or use how I do below.

You can use Peppermint Essential Oil for multiple ways, with it’s fantastic properties.

Peppermint is great mixed with the any of the other citrus oils for energy, internally. Also a drop or two of peppermint with your coffee, add a little cream and soon you have a little peppermint mocha! Slip it  into your work out or weight loss shakes or smoothies. Added to your drinking water is fantastic too. Applying directly on the tongue and pressing to the roof. Cools the sinuses right down and one can breathe again. If you have a headache this also works but I don’t recommend this too close to bedtime. Otherwise, I put the oil on my forehead and behind my ears for headaches but not to the side of my eyes as I once got distracted when the dog barked, while applying and turned my head and my finger (with Peppermint Oil)ended up in my eye. No, do not add water to help stop the strong cooling effect, add a drop of good vegetable oil or Young Living’s V-6 to the eye.

Adding either a cool or warm compress helps to drive the oil in and is so much more beneficial and relaxing. I love to add the warmth of the compress against the cool of Peppermint Essential Oil on my forehead, this feels awesome and uplifting.

Peppermint is also great on itchy skin of all sorts. It is great for cooling the head and getting rid of dandruff, scabies and/or lice. Just be careful when applying and washing out of the hair. Make sure to not get it in your eyes. I love to add a drop in my hand with shampoo and apply. Your hair smells terrific along with these benefits.  Another side benefit is that Peppermint helps if your scalp tends to be oily also. Psoriasis or other skin conditions benefit from the Peppermint Oil along with Lavender mixed in.

Peppermint helps with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and quite a few other stomach issues. I love to add Peppermint to drinking aloe and it packs a great punch for your internal system. Another way to get your appetite back with morning sickness is to add it to a tea or aloe. Also is awesome for urinary track in keeping the good bacteria present and raise the p.h. of the body along with the aloe.
Keeps nausea down, settles the stomach, can cut down on the bubbles and gas produced in the stomach, soothes the digestive track and can help boost your immune system.

There are so many ways on can use Peppermint, I am sure there are few more but this is to help you get started on the basics and realizing how easy the essential oils are to use everyday, starting today!

MnSue leaving you until the next blog,
Have a “mint” of a day!

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