What all does MnSue do with Young Living?

Hello, MnSue here again! How are you doing? Missing them blog posts? I have been missing writing them but researching alot on many different areas to make things better for everyone!

I am not sure if I have mentioned what all we are working on with the essential oils with Young Living. I currently have a daily drip on facebook over at www.facebook.com/oilstoday and all I do is have discussions, cover different oils or have fun and give away Young Living products off and on. This is to help you learn in a fun environment to use oils in seconds a day. Feel free to come learn and add to the comments!

Next I have been blogging here on www.oilstoday.com and discussing essential oils in minutes,here on this blog! I love to learn and share about the products.  I also have put out a few www.youtube.com/themnsue videos on these fantastic essential oils.

My team and I are also working on some other trainings to help you learn even quicker in your own time. One is a newsletter and also a weekly email campaign. I will give testimonials here and chat about pertinant topics that we are going through in life, that the oils can help you out! Sign up on my blog page or my capture page on facebook.

I also look for input from others wanting to share their knowledge or what they desire to learn with essential oils. I will be touching base with other knowledgable experts in their fields of expertise and how Young Living Essential Oils work in their practice.

MnSue leaving you to learn,
all about essential oils
however you want
in daily drips or email format
to blogs and books.

Welcome over, MnSue :)